For some people who have a set idea of the goals that they would like to achieve, it’s easy to work out. But for many, it can be difficult to stay motivated. This is often based on the traits of the individual, but factors such as working hours can play a big part as well.

It’s not only just having the motivation to get outside and run, or go to your local gym though. Having the motivation to avoid eating certain foods or drinking certain drinks can take just as much willpower – if not more!

Often, we don’t have time or feel too tired to workout, so one of the key things to do is to work the time into your schedule. If you plan ahead and make time in advance to workout, then you’re much more likely to do it.

Everyone has specific times that they need to abide to, whether that’s their working hours, the time they wake up or go to sleep, and these are not always things that we want to do. But once we’re in that routine, we eventually get used to it and don’t even question it.

Having a set time also helps you to avoid that internal debate that you may have with yourself each day, when you’re deciding whether or not to workout.


Experiment and see if there are other ways that you can motivate yourself to workout. Try new routes, new exercises, new activities – find a gym/running partner or join a club! A change of scenery or activity may help to avoid your routine becoming monotonous, and a partner will help to keep you motivated – or you’ll disappoint him/her!

Take a step back and look over all of your day-to-day activities. Are there things that you do that are making you tired or draining your motivation? If there are ways that you can try to limit those negative effects, then do it! Even if it’s something as simple as giving yourself more time for your commute to work to avoid creating unnecessary stress.

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