Despite almost two decades having passed since the question was first posed, we, as a society, are no closer than we were at the turn of the century to solving the puzzle of who, exactly, let the dogs out. Despite this, we are all aware deep down that the answer to that question should be that all of us have let the dogs out, and on a regular basis.

Everyone loves their dog. To see them roam around freely is something that gives you the most satisfying feeling in the world. But letting your dog out without a leash also means taking responsibility, especially if you are a hiker. One needs to keep their dogs and pets safe. Today, I would give you some useful tips as to how you can take care of that dog of yours when he has been unleashed.

Social Animal

I know my dog’s habits. So, keeping him under control becomes my priority wherever and whenever I take him with me. Training them to be social enough and being able to control them is a very important task. This means that the dog must obey its master when it is told to sit, stand, or heel. It's important that you have this control over your pet, in order to ensure that it doesn't take a highway to the danger zone without your knowledge. The dog should be aware to keep its voice under control at times, so that it doesn't frighten people who aren't so fond of canines.

Keeping the place in mind

You should know about the area where you are letting your dog out, because his safety and the safety of others is paramount. Many wild areas specifically ask for the dogs to be clipped in. With those rules and instructions followed properly, a person can avoid being charged with a crippling penalty. Also in areas where there are activities like logging, trail work or mining going on, you should definitely avoid unleashing your dog, for his own safety.

Knowing when and how to use the leash

When you are out with your dog on hike and even if you plan to walk down for a few minutes with him, you should remember to have the leash with you all the time. In case of an emergency of any sort, there might arise the need to restrain your doggo again. Coming across a wild animal who isn’t very welcoming of your buddy, you will have the need to have your dog on the leash again. Your pet itself should be mentally aware of what he is getting into before leaving for the hike with its master, and if the dog has already been trained in how to behave off the leash, it can be very helpful in dangerous situations. Also, you need to have your eyes ready for anything poisonous that your pet may come across. Therefore, for situations like these, I always prefer to carry around with me first aid supplies for my dog.

Mucky matters

When I am out hiking with my dog with me and he poops around, I never bag it and leave it to pick it up on my way back. Being responsible about your pet’s poop on the trail shows how good a pet owner is. Unleashed or not, carrying it out when on a hike is a very wise thing to do. After all, the dog and everything that comes with it is solely the owner’s responsibility.