If you want to extend your camping trip by a day or two it is always advisable to keep yourself ready for anything that comes your way. A four-season tent will not suffice for the unpredictable weather and therefore, it is important to invest in some camping gear if you want to extend your trip.

Here are a few ways to keep your tent warm during camping:

Try to camp in a protected space

It is one way to keep your tent warm. If your tent is exposed to wind-driven air, then it is very likely that you are going to fall sick. It is recommended to set up your tent near a large tree or against a hill. Low lying areas are usually prone to cold air that settles.

Make simple adjustments inside the tent

Certain adjustments can be made to keep your tent warm. You can also use a portable heater to keep yourself warm and cosy. Candle lanterns are also a good option to go for. Although it is important to keep checking the candle for high flames, it would keep your tent warmer for a longer period.

Mylar blankets to keep you warm

Space blankets or Mylar blankets are easy to find and can be bought at camping or sports stores. These blankets can be used in various ways. You can use them as a lining of the tent which would reflect the heat generated and provide ample warmth throughout the night. You can also use them as a layer over the mattress for extra insulation.

Use heat rocks

If you want to keep your feet warm, you can opt for heat rocks. These rocks can be easily found near your campsite and then heated. They can then be placed near your foot next to the sleeping bag. It is also advised to check if the rocks are wet. Wet rocks usually expand and burst if they are burnt and lead to injury.

Tips to keep warm inside the tent

Your sleeping quality would be the deciding factor for your liking or disliking of the camping trip. If you have camped during the cold weather and caught a cold, it would be very likely for you to not have a merry time even with people around. If you are backpacking solo on a trip, it is most important to keep your health at an optimum.

Here are a few things to look out for when you are camping solo or with your friends:

  • Find a good quality sleeping bag. This bag can be very useful depending on the type of weather you encounter during your journey.
  • Keep yourself dry and use clean clothes during the entire trip. Air-dry and moisture-wicking clothes are perfect for a camping trip.
  • A hot water bottle is something that you always need. You should always keep the hot water bottle next to you so that you keep yourself hydrated and warm.
  • Start doing daily exercises to keep your blood pumping. It also helps improve the sleeping quality because of the blood circulation in the body.



Remember the aforementioned pointers before you start your adventure. You can always be camping with your friends, family, and loved ones. Sometimes you camp with your kids even! It is therefore necessary to keep your body temperature at the ideal state and stay dry as much as possible in the winter. If you are prone to sickness, it is best to prepare yourself before you move on to the next adventurous trip.