As the summer months have ended, many of us will retreat into the warmth and comfort of our own homes, well away from the rain and the chilly winds which will soon be catching up with all of us.

To try and counter act this, the Welsh Government have launched a Games4Life campaign with the aim of inspiring children to be more active, which will hopefully help to tackle the growing levels of obesity in children across the country.

It is recommended that children need sixty minutes minimum of exercise per day for them to remain healthy – with one of the benefits being that with more exercise, the more tired you become. If you’re tired, you’ll be more likely to have a good night of sleep leaving you more awake and alert the following day – which will aid all children at such an important part of their school lives.

Activities can be in short supply during the fourth quarter of the year, so to help, Games4Life have provided a number of ideas which are inexpensive – but definitely effective! These include:

  • Running against the wind.
  • Puddle jumping – just remember wellies!
  • Snowball fight!
  • Make a snowman or giant snowball.
  • Go sledging.
  • If it’s autumn, catch the leaves – first one to 10 wins!

For more ideas, check out the change4lifewales website, where you can also sign up to receive a free starter pack containing a fun wheel, 18 activity cards, a poster and stickers: to help get you up and running!

“We want to inspire children to put down their game consoles this autumn and try something different. Wales’ current sporting success, from the Rugby World Cup to the Euro 2016 qualifiers, have been great in raising the nation’s interest in sport, and I hope this campaign will build on this momentum” – Ken Skates, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism.

This campaign may be primarily in Wales, but there’s no reason why the rest of us in the United Kingdom and elsewhere can’t join in. Make sure to remain active this winter and don’t forget to give your family and friends some friendly encouragement to make sure that they do too!

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