Whilst you’re skiing, you’re guaranteed to have to carry your skis at some point. Unfortunately, they’re not the easiest things to carry! They’re big and heavy, and probably not the only thing you’ll have to carry either. Whether you’re going skiing for the first time or you’re just looking for a new way to carry them, you’ll hopefully be able to find a suitable option here!

  • Method #1:  Use your skis like you would a walking stick! Hold both of your skis in one hand and pull them forward (not drag) and use the ground to support you. This is a particularly good option to use towards the end of a day when your arms could really do with a break!
  • Method #2: This method is very similar to number one, but instead of picking your skis up and then placing down (and repeat), you can wrap one of your arms around them both and lift them. This will enable you to move much faster, but also puts more strain on your arms.
  • Method #3: Whilst the first two options don’t require you to be fully aware of what’s around you, this third method certainly does. Instead of holding your skis by your side, you can rest them on your shoulders and wrap your arm around them, below the bindings, to prevent them from slipping. You can also angle them slightly if you’re in a more populated area, but we’d recommended switching to either method one or two.


  • Method #4: One way to spread the weight of your skis out across your body is to hold them at a horizontal angle across your back. If you can get the skis as even as possible on both your left and right side, you can wrap both of your arms slightly behind you and wrap them around your skis – evenly spreading out the weight. Although you won’t be at risk of hitting anyone in the face, you still need to be aware of who or what is around you.
  • Method #5: This particular way of carrying your skis is the most time consuming to set-up, but worth it if you’re carrying your skis over longer distances. The main aim here is to assemble your skis and ski poles to create a suitcase of sorts, with a handle. This can be achieved by facing your skis in opposite directions and threading them through your ski poles wrist strap. Make sure to also thread the other end of your ski pole through the strap too. Once it’s secure – you’re good to go!

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