Believe it or not, pets bring your life so much excitement and fun, and it gets even better when you have the opportunity to make them a part of a few of your favourite hiking trails. A companion like that of your pet dog can make adventure activities more thrilling and exhilarating. However, handling them for such long hours gets a little tricky.

Right from making sure that they eat the right kind of food, to taking care that they don’t get bitten by threatening mosquitoes and ticks, you need to keep in mind a lot of things when taking your pup along for a walk. A friend once shared his experience of hiking with his dog. I am now going to share a few tips and hacks that made it super easy for him on those long stretches during hikes, and also during the in-between journey.

Know the hiking destination well

Being aware about the flora and fauna, along with the geography and weather of the particular location you wish to hike in, makes it easy for you to decide what medicines you might require in case your dog falls sick. You can also get your dog vaccinated if you plan a hiking trip in regions known for their community of rattlesnakes etc. before you start your journey. This way you will get precious time before you reach the nearby hospital.

Carry a Bear Bell

Play it safe when it comes to taking your dogs to places where you think they might disturb the native animals. Tying a bear bell around his dog 'Thor', my friend Nick saved himself from the trouble of losing his pet among the wilderness. Fear subsides when you can easily locate your dog from afar, even when it's lost. Also, you cannot tie your dog forever with you. Let it explore around a little without any restrictions.

Get a tick collar for your Dog

If your dog is fluffy, then the risk of fleas and ticks sticking on to your dog is high. Getting hold of a tick collar will make sure that your dog's body absorbs the right amount of pesticides that can keep the ticks and fleas at a distance from your dog. Hence, you can let that little fella swim in safe waters even when you are out.

Enough Supplements

Maintaining the endurance and strength of your doggo during long and difficult hiking sessions is of optimum importance, especially if you have a heavy and huge dog breed. Nick's dog is a Retriever, and he gave me an account of how Thor felt weak and tired after he reached his destination. Hence, it is mandatory to carry with you the right nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that can give your dog enough stamina to sustain the difficult and energy consuming paths. These are available in abundance and do not smell fishy, making it easier for your pet to consume.

Get a smell barrier bag and their own mat

Poop smell trouble is now passé. You can look for online bags that contain the smell of the poop. Carry one of these with you and be free of any discomfort. Another important essential is well insulated sleeping bags for your dogs. This way, keeping them in your tent becomes a lot easier!

Use Carabiners on the leash

Clip your dog to one of these to let you easily secure the leash to almost anything. If your dog is wearing the front ring on a body harness then attach your leash as you normally would to the front of the harness.

Woof! Yes, you will love that sound while you take on those difficult paths. Peruse through the above points and happily carry your pupper with you on your adventure spree. Treks and hikes will not be boring or unsafe anymore when you have your loyal guard around!