Only the homesick miss the fun and exhilaration that outdoor adventures offer in abundance.

Explore the Unexplored

The busier our lives get, the more we feel restricted and the more we crave the freedom of fresh air and the vastness of a clear blue sky. For those who are so comfortable within their confines that they hate to face the sunny side, national parks are great and exciting hotspots for backpacking and hiking. Explore the fun with another soul that would introduce the joy of sharing and companionship, especially while stepping outdoors to explore the unexplored territories.

Find a Travel Buddy

If you don’t feel the urge to step outside of your comfort zone, then simply bring the comfort zone along with you by finding a travel buddy who will not only wander and explore new destinations with you, but also stop and have meaningful conversations in the midst of the spectacular scenery, while capturing those moments with you. The more time you spend together and discover the pace and style for day hikes, snowboarding, skiing, trails, bike rides while motivating each other to push a little harder to reach the goal.

Rise Early

If you want to witness the most magnificent sunrise ever, wake up as soon as the first ray of sunlight sparks the sky. Also, waking up early is important to ingrain the habit of discipline, which catapults an average hiker to an experienced athlete.

Partners in Crime

Life partners are meant to support each other during health and sickness. To make sure things don’t get to sickness, we make sure to run, jog and climb towards the hills with our partners. We take our quality time for granted after having kids, but still we can spare solo time for each other when the kids are still during their early years.

Family Trips

The best part about parenting is sharing quality time with your kids and their grandparents. I remember those golden days when I used to go on family trips. Not only do we get to quiet our chaos under the serenity of the starry night sky, but also discover each other’s potential as a hiker, climber and adventurer.

I would suggest going for father-son, father-daughter and mother-daughter trips that engage both of you in sports activities and test your physical strength as well. My father took us hiking since we were kids to teach us those skills. My neighbours took their babies camping and adjusted the level of difficulty according to their age and abilities.  I strongly believe we should throw the lethargy out of our sluggish kids and make them work out from the time they start walking.

Chart out a Plan

The first ingredient to a happy and successful journey is making a plan and travel itinerary days before heading outdoors. For example: I plan the destinations I want to visit with my wife, the list of adventure sports to undertake, souvenirs to buy for friends and special photography hotspots. These are just a handful of the options and ideas to include in your traveling chart. You must consider the weather forecast and elevation gain, along with the amount of breaks you're going to take while soaring towards the mountains.

Revamp your Boring Business Trip

So this one is dedicated to corporate workaholics who traverse through the exotic landscapes alone without some friendly company. Even if some of these businessmen do take their family along, they can barely make time in their busy schedules. Now, this is a strong reminder to spare some quality time out for your loved ones during the week, or weekends to capture the beauty of mother nature and create some golden memories inside your hearts. This is the best way to turn your hardcore and boring business trip into a business-cum-leisure trip.