Wearing a helmet is the first step in a person’s bid to ensure safety. Choosing the right helmet is of utmost importance because not wearing a helmet may lead to a severe head injury. Also, it is very important to note that the helmet you buy should fit properly. It is advisable to try a wide variety of helmets before buying the appropriate helmet.

There are people who wear a helmet, but it isn’t done up, and then there are those who have their helmet done up, but it tends to slide back owing to movement. In either case, your head isn’t protected.

Here are a few ways to wear a helmet properly

Choosing the Helmet

Try out various helmets before you plan to choose one. Make sure that the helmet chosen by you fits appropriately. Don’t always go for the cheapest option. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than your safety.

Loosening Your Helmet

The majority of the helmets manufactured these days come with a tightener at the back.  It needs to be loosened before it is put on the head.

Wear the Helmet

Put the helmet on. Once it is on, try to adjust it so that a distance equivalent to that of a finger’s length is maintained above the eyebrows.

The Back Needs to Be Tightened

The back should be tightened as much as possible to prevent the helmet from moving.

The Straps Need to Be Adjusted

The side straps need to be adjusted. These straps would go around your ear and the point has to be below the earlobe.

Shake the Head

Shake your head a bit. If the helmet falls either forward or backward, the helmet you’re wearing isn’t fitted properly.  Try adjusting the helmet again, if it still doesn’t feel comfortable, you’ll need to buy a new helmet to ensure a proper fit.

Please note that really young children cannot shake their head properly. It is very important that you ascertain whether the helmet they are wearing is optimal-sized or not.

Doing Up the Helmet

Now, you need to do up the helmet. The helmet straps need to be not more than a finger away from your chin. You can try and readjust the straps if you aren’t feeling comfortable. Do check the straps again if you are not feeling comfortable.