Be it the early morning riding sessions or your daily ritual of commuting to the office, riding a bike is always the best way to avoid traffic snarls and stay healthy. The problem occurs when your side of the town is all wet due to heavy rainfall. People often quit cycling on such occasions and activate spoilsport mode. Get done with this attitude and continue your passion for riding by following a few tips that will ensure safe and enjoyable cycling days even when it pours cats and dogs.

Prior Preparation

Usually rain water leads to a lot of your bike's parts getting corroded and rusted. This happens due to the increase in the moisture level that can have a rough impact on your bike. All that is required is a heavier lubricant on the chain along with a full cable housing.

Choosing additional gear items will make all the more difference. The wider winter tires, fenders, etc. enhance the durability of your cycle, leading to better traction for those wet paths along with shielding your cycle tires from getting punctured.

Also arrange for waterproof backpacks, gear, etc. Opt for waterproof panniers, frame bags, and put your creativity to use. Add an extra warm lining to your backpack and save all your essentials and belongings from getting wet.

Avoid the Road to Hell

One important factor that can make you more prone to accidental hazards during rainy days is the road to be taken. Rain can cause a lot of damage to the roads, transforming them into slippery paths, puddled up mess and oily patches. Keep a close watch while you cycle it down a dark desert highway, cool wind in your hair, and keep your breaks handy. Rim brakes, especially, need to be fixed.

Also, it is far better to avoid the first few days of the spell as roads become oily and greasy. Let this dissipate before hitting the road. Also a lot of mire and dirt needs to be cleaned time to time by keeping a water bottle handy so that you can rinse all of it easily.


Adding a few accessories and customising your bike according to your needs, especially for those inclement weather days is quite intuitive and innovative. Put a sturdy and durable seat cover on your seat to save yourself from embarrassing moments like patchy and wet bottoms.

Rain makes the days more gloomy and dull by sapping the natural daylight. Brighten up your day by fixing front and rear lights. Best would be to invest in rechargeable lights with an option of setting a reminder, so that there is no dearth of battery when emergency strikes.

Keep Yourself Covered

Health is wealth! If you want to enjoy this rainy season riding your bike, then make sure you have all the vigor and strength, physically, to do so. Be in your natural element by donning the right clothing. Merino wool layers are ideal for moist and wet days. Buy a neck gaiter and a breathable rain gear too.

The body parts that are most affected while riding for long durations, especially during rain, are your hands and toes. You would not want the rain to leave you helpless while you are riding. Investing in some insulated and waterproof gloves and booties can increase your efficiency while riding. Carry an extra pair in case you feel the need to replace it.

A Good Sight for a Good Ride

If you can't see what is ahead of you or around you, then there are chances that you might jeopardize your life. Incorporate a visor, or a pair of clear glasses for those rainy biking days. Rain can lead to clouded vision, especially when the droplets accumulate on the lenses, making it foggy. Put on a sturdy helmet or a brimmed cap that has a visor attached for better vision while riding.

Handy Pair of Clothing

Have a meeting to attend, that too on one of those rainy days? Look your best by packing a spare outfit for those days when changing your clothes becomes essential. This way you can sit for all those important meetings without compromising on your health.

Embrace the rain this season and give yourself a chance to fall in love with this beautiful weather that comes with just a little splash of water which is no more difficult to handle. Enjoy riding and biking to the hilt by adhering to a few of the above mentioned tips this rainy season.