We all become very excited when it comes to mountain camping. But, camping on the mountain is not as an easy task as it seems to be. Those hard rocks and rough mountains demand extra-energy from us and will take us far from everyone. Mountain camping is a great way to get to know ourselves better and spend time with nature.  If you want to go for mountain camping, it is extremely important to be active and physically fit otherwise you will face challenges in both the hiking and camping.

Likewise, modern camping ways, mountain camping is also very popular. It is extremely important to review all the factors for a safe mountain camping. Doing it the right way, will give you a hassle-free and an incredible camping experience.

Here you'll find 7 tips which will enhance your trip.

Set your camp on the leeward side of the mountain

No matter if we are camping at high altitude or low. What matters is that we are safe during camping. So, to ensure our safety, we should always try to set up our camp on the leeward side of the mountain.

The logic behind this trick is that on leeward side the weather is relatively warm and it is protected from winds. It ensures that we are all set to respond to the nature’s exigencies.

Carry extra poles and ropes

During camping in the mountainous region, we should always ensure that we have additional ropes and poles as we never know when the strong winds are going to hit our tent. The poles provide extra support to the tent and help protect us from the winds.

Stay protected from the Sun

There is a high probability of getting chronic sunburns and dry skin as the sun rays in the mountainous regions are very strong and extremely harmful for our skin.

Therefore, sunscreens and lotions help build a protective layer between our skin and UV rays of the sun. It is necessary to apply lotions on the exposed areas.

Be Healthy and Physically Fit

As hiking is a part of mountain camping,  you will require a great amount of energy to reach your destination. You can only complete your camping trip if you are healthy and physically fit.

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated and energised by drinking plenty of water. Bananas help treat muscle cramps and serious headaches. So, you should always carry bananas and water in your backpack.

Gather information about mountains

Mountain camping gives you a thrilling experience, but your safety is above everything. Therefore, a proper knowledge about the mountains is most important.

Now-a-days, a lot of information is available online about  mountains and the risk factors. Books are also available that give tips to successfully complete a camping trip. These books help you to prepare yourself both physically and mentally.

Too much Isolation is not a good idea

Camping in a mountainous region can help us attain peace of mind and gives time for ourselves. But complete isolation is not a good idea as it can lead us into trouble. So, it is better not to set the camp in an absolute isolate area.

In case, you want to stray off from others, then, make sure that the camping group has information about your location.

Will Power and Patience

You will face challenges on almost every step to reach the top of the mountain. Here, you need willpower and determination as without them it is impossible to reach the top and if you are not determined enough, then, failure is expected.

You need to be both physically and mentally strong to survive the rough and rocky terrain. With the patience and the will power, you will have an incredible mountain camping experience.