Skiing is a great sport & really good fun! It is refreshing, thrilling, and extremely rewarding. However, learning the nuisances of skiing can be quite challenging. The time it takes to master the sport varies depending on the individual talents of the skier. You can hire a full time coach and expedite your learning curve. But there are a few lesser known facets of skiing which you may not know about; such as the art of putting on your ski boots.

Yes, I consider the task of wearing snowshoes as an art. I have spent a large amount of time trying to master the right technique. After several failed attempts of tying my ski boots, I took the help of my friend who guided me in the right direction. Here, I would like to share my experience and offer you a few tips, so that you do not have to struggle like me.

Plantarflexion and Dorsiflexion

These words may appear total gibberish to a newbie, but they form the crux of the art of wearing ski shoes. Plantarflexion means pointing your foot down and Dorsiflexion stands for pointing your foot up. More about this mumbo jumbo later, just remember that you do not forget these words and their meanings.

Tip 1 - Socks

Before donning a ski shoe, make sure that you are wearing a pair of thin wool socks. Smoothen out any wrinkles and make sure the socks fit tightly over your feet. Do not wear multiple pairs of socks under your boots as too much fabric within the shoe may hamper the blood circulation.

Tip 2 - Wearing ski shoes

Firstly, undo the straps and buckle of your boots. Now, sit on a chair and perform plantarflexion and put your foot in the boot. If you feel that your socks have become wrinkly and are not properly stretched, fix it using your hands. Once the foot is inserted in the boot, perform dorsiflexion. While pointing your feet up, tap your heel and fully insert the foot in the boot. If you feel any discomfort while putting your foot in the boot, ask for the help of an expert.

Tip 3 - Buckling

Look at the image here carefully and save it in your brain. Memorising this photo will help you to master the art of buckling your ski boots. In this image there are three buckles, but some boots may have a fourth.

Whilst sitting on the chair, buckle the boot by following the below mentioned steps:

1. Bring buckle number 2 to the first rung on the ladder of your boot buckle.

2. Perform the same steps for number 4 if applicable, then number 3, and then number 1. Make sure that you do it in the right order.

3. If your boot has a tongue, get it into a comfortable position. It will protect your shin when you are in a forward-leaning position, so it is advised that you position it slightly inward.

4. Continue tightening the buckle of your boots, tying one rung at a time, until it is secured. Do it without creating too much pressure on your toes and shin.

5. If the boot has a Velcro strap, tighten it and secure it.

Test your boots by leaning forward on your toes. You can make necessary adjustments for making it more comfortable.

Tip 4 - Legging vs. Capri

If possible, wear a Capri instead of full length leggings under your ski pants.

The minor adjustments provided in the tips will go a long way in helping you tie your boots correctly. Thank me in your thoughts when you're skiing like a champ in your perfectly fitted boots.