Hiking is fun. You get to see hills, mountains, rivers, etc. If you’re planning to go hiking in summer, you might want to exchange those conventional boots for hiking sandals. The sandals are popular as these are comfortable and lightweight.

Things to be Kept in Mind Before You Buy:

Choosing the right pair of sandals is the most important thing. Always keep your hiking needs in mind before buying sandals.

  1. The Toe, Open or Closed?

Choose the pair that is close-toed as it’d protect you from pebbles, rocks, and debris. You might end up injuring your toes if you wear open-toed sandals while making your way through rocky terrains.

  1. What Kind of Support do You Need

There are brands that offer good arch support. You just need to know exactly what your feet need. You don’t want your feet to feel uncomfortable on a treacherous trail.

  1. Shock Resistance

Having shoes that are shock-resistant would mean that you’d easily be able to bear each and every shock the trail has in store for you. It is advisable to buy the ones having foam midsoles.

  1. The Sole

 A thick sole would ensure that the pebbles on your way do not make you feel uncomfortable.

Some Features of an Ideal Pair of Women’s Sandals

  • Rubberized toe guards to protect the feet
  • Sandals should dry quickly
  • Shouldn’t get slippery when wet
  • Should be easy to expand and tighten
  • Should have comfortable and shock-absorbing foot beds
  • Should have excellent sole grip on paths with loose gravel
  • Lightweight and comfortable

Some Features of an Ideal Pair of Men’s Sandals

  • Footbed should be comfortable for undertaking long hikes
  • Should dry quickly
  • A sole with excellent grip would come in handy on difficult trails
  • Toe guards should be present to prevent injuries

Hiking Sandals for Wide Feet

If your feet are wide, finding an ideal pair of sandals gets just a bit tricky. In case your feet are wide, search for sandals which possess the following features.

Some Striking Features

  • A comfortable footbed
  • It goes without saying that the sandal should be lightweight
  • Dries quickly
  • The grip should be as good as those of hiking boots
  • The arch support should be good
  • The width should be more than usual

Hiking Sandals for Narrow Feet

Frankly, there aren’t many companies that make sandals exclusively to cater to people with narrow feet, but you’d be able to find a few options after you’ve visited a few stores.

Some striking Features

  • Should have narrow footbeds with medium width
  • Shock absorption is a must
  • Sandals with straps would be easy to wear
  • Should dry quickly when wet

Hiking Sandals for Toddlers

You don’t want your little ones to feel uncomfortable while undertaking a hike. You need to make sure that a toddler’s pair of sandals comes equipped with the following features.

  • Tough and hard-wearing
  • Sandals with Velcro straps would be easy to wear
  • Should dry quickly in case they get wet
  • Should have comfortable footbeds
  • Toe guards made of rubber to prevent injuries
  • For girls as well as boys