Wearing the right clothes at the right place speaks volumes about your sensibility. Sport clothing can be tricky to choose especially when you are doing sports like kayaking. Kayakers are exposed to sunlight and cold wind and therefore require protective clothing that is breathable too.

Here is a list of clothing that can be worn while kayaking:


You can choose from short sleeve shirts or long sleeve shirts that you can roll up if the weather is hot. Look for sun-protective clothing with UPF rating. You can buy fishing shirts that are breathable, resistible to gory bits, durable and lightweight. Another option is shell shirts. These are layered long sleeve shirts with a outer shell that is tough, appropriate to tackle strong winds.


Shorts are best for hot weather conditions. UPF protection shorts generally contain 30 UPF+ sun protection and are versatile in term of them getting along with most of the tops. During the kayaking event weather might turn a bit chilly, which is why it is best to keep a pair of pants with you to stay warm. Other options are outer shell pants and dry suits. Made of shell fabric, these have insulation to keep you warm. Dry suits are best when you are going for white water kayaking as they have thermal insulation and waterproof construction that helps you to stay dry even when you are paddling through violent waters.


Depending upon the weather, you can choose the type of footwear you want to wear when kayaking. Sandals are a very good option in hot conditions. There are many styles of sandals but, the most suitable types for kayakers are those that have a hard sole and straps, helping you hold your foot in place when in turbulent waters or windy situations. Water shoes are a brilliant option to keep you safe from cuts and abrasions. These are drainable shoes that are made of stretchable mesh fabric and feature polyester webbing and rubber sole. For more professional purposes, the white water kayaking shoes are the best. These shoes, mostly come built-in with dry suits. These are made of neoprene fabric and feature a rubber sole to make them slip-free. These are best when you have to paddle as they give enough grip to help you hold down your feet.


One of the main accessory requirements is related to protection from the sun. For this you can buy a wide-brimmed hat that will provide shade for your eyes. For windy and cold situations you buy a UPF+ rating balaclava type headgear that can go along with a helmet or a brimmed hat. Made of nylon, microfiber or polyester, these are beneficial when you want to keep your head warm.

Another important accessory is gloves. These are not primarily beneficial in winter conditions, but also helpful in the sunny and hot weather as these protect the hands from getting tanned and sunburnt. You can buy spandex or polyester UV protective gloves with finger or without fingers depending on the task you have to perform while kayaking. Also, you should keep the warm gloves with you if the weather is cold.