Whether its shorts or trousers that you are going to add to your summer wardrobe, and in the UK you might go for the option of zip-off trousers so you get the best of both worlds, here are a couple of tips when choosing this type of outdoor clothing online. After all the legs carry us to the top of that hill, so lets see what to look for to keep them happy in their job.

Fit – Well they need to be loose enough so that you have enough freedom of movement, but not so loose that you likely to take off when on the tops, but you need to avoid the     “flapping factor” so that they don’t rub. The waist needs to fit comfortable, well enough so that don’t fall down, but loose enough so that that don’t dig in. Look out for elasticated panels in the waist, and adjustable webbing belt or belt loops so that you have the maximum versatility.

Fabric – Depending on the season you need to consider the following, they to be light, but hard-wearing, wind-resistant, water repellent, quick drying, anti bacterial/UVF/anti-insect treatments.

Pockets – When you are out walking, keeping items in hip pockets isn’t always practicable, so look for at least one zipped pocket for valuables and a cargo pocket large enough for your map/guidebook. Also some cargo pockets are now divided so that your mobile/gps can be stored.

Versatility – Performance can be important if you are buying a pair of dedicated walking trousers, so look for something that is designed specifically for the type of walking you are aiming for, more multi purpose garments might not have everything you want/need so you might have to compromise along the way.

Type – Here you go, whether to go for trousers, shorts or zip offs. Again it might be what you feel most comfortable in, or what type of walking you want to do, At the moment I am considering a pair of zip offs, so that I can start the summer walking with them as shorts and then when the weather turns cooler I can go back to the full trouser.

 At the end of the day it’s all about your own personal preference, so have a look through some of our best-selling trousers, zip offs and shorts on the website to see what choices outdoor clothing online can offer.