Dealing with injuries is never fun, but there are steps that you can follow to limit the possibility of one occurring. Climbing is a repetitive process which puts repeated stress on certain muscles which can lead to soreness and strains if not effectively prepared. Here’s how you can fully prepare yourself for a climbing trip!


Before you exercise in general, performing stretches can prepare your muscles but they can also be performed daily to gradually get your muscles more used to the exercises by improving how flexible your muscles can be. Small sessions – around half a minute – on each of the key areas such as your shoulders and fingers are all that is needed.

Exercises that work muscles that are maybe not used prominently whilst climbing should also be exercised too, as if they aren’t, your body may begin to feel unbalanced which puts even more pressure on the muscles that are being used.

All of these exercises should also be performed just before beginning a climbing session, as a form of warm-up. Doing this will ready your body for the challenge just ahead by increasing your blood flow.

Often, training sessions are a lot less difficult than the real thing, but that does not benefit your body as much as it could. Performing in training like you would for the actual activity gets your body used to that specific exercise, so that your body is not over-worked when it comes to the actual activity.

After you’ve completed the activity, taking time to fully rest which will allow your muscles to recover is key. If you try to climb too soon after, or maybe even during a session, where there is some muscle tiredness or soreness, there is a much greater chance that you’ll push yourself too far which can lead to injury.

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