Weekends offer a perfect escape from the monotonous routines that require you to spend several hours in the fluorescent lights and in front of computers. As much as we love the comfort of home, we’re all so eager to get outdoors at the first chance we get! This is because in the back of our heads, we’re aware that nature makes us happier, healthier and more creative. No wonder, the host of golden daffodils filled William Wordsworth’s heart with pleasure and replaced solitude with bliss. Even better, we have science-backed reasons you should spend more time outside.

Nature Fixes your Sleep Schedule

A stress-reduction break is always more effective and fun in the green space. The nature synchronises various functions, including metabolic signals that tell you to eat properly, and the internal body clock which is responsible to regulate the levels of hormone melatonin to nudge back the sleep cycles. That, in turn prevents the chances for weight gain, obesity, stress and mood problems – a major reason why you should get up and close with mother nature.

Nature Provides Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

You might love the intoxicating smell of caffeine, but you’ll be surprised at the natural aromatherapy that the scent of flowers can provide. It further contributes to your physical well-being by adding a psychological energy boost and reducing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

The soothing scent of lavender is one such example. It has calming properties and medicinal uses. Further, Chamomile and jasmine have been found to be effective in calming your nerves after a long, tiring day while neroli and peach relieve anxiety and decrease physical exertion.

Nature Helps you De-Stress with the Sight of Trees

Trees offer shade and protection and it is widely known that exercising in the woods or looking at one even in the middle of a city can reduce your stress levels. It so happens because the comforting sight of the trees reduce blood pressure and regulate the release of stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. So, the next time you feel stressed, take a walk down a tree-lined street to significantly feel the decrease in your stress levels.

Exercising in the Green Spaces as a Great Stress-Buster

You must have observed that it is easier to exercise outside than in the routine urban setting. This fact is backed with a scientific proof that the colour green as found on the trees and plants makes exercising feel easier. Movement, in turn, lowers stress levels by elevating the level of endorphins. Thus, the outdoors make you happier by uplifting your moods.

To Sum it Up

You’ll see a shift towards positive moods when you start spending more time with and around nature. It makes you a better person by helping you recognise and appreciate the better, and more important things in life such as relationships, community and the power of sharing. The outdoors enhance creativity and restore your focus. It helps you age gracefully by allowing the healthy, golden rays sink in that also mitigate pain and boost your immune system.