So you have been on a couple of short countryside walks and have decided you want to take the plunge and get yourself kitted out, lets see how much we can save you at Outdoor Look, the home of discount outdoor clothing. First things first, we need to decide what we need to purchase as the minimum amount of kit: boots, trousers, baselayer, outdoor jacket and rucksack. I appreciate that there are a lot of other items that can be bought but remember we are looking at someone starting out, and we won’t always choose the cheapest option available, but will try and go for the middle costing.


Right for the boots we need to think about the type of walking being undertaken and for the novice we don’t want to go for a pair that we can necessarily climb Everest in, but will allow us to experience the great outdoors. Your boots are probably going to be your biggest single outlay but let’s see. Let’s go for the Hi Tec Kenya Walking Boot, which gives all round protection and durability. They would normally cost £60.21, but we have them on offer for just £29.14. Don’t forget about socks but we will leave them for the moment.


Walking trousers come in all shapes and sizes, lucky really as we are all different shapes and sizes, but we will go for a pair of Regatta’s New Action Trousers, costing £17.98 on the website compared to £36.00 normally.


As the weather turns cooler a baselayer is going to become more important so the Trespass Parson Base Layer with long sleeves is a bargain at just £8.98 instead of £19.99, and will give us great performance.


Outdoor Jackets come in a variety of designs and styles from a lightweight waterproof to a fleece or full winter jacket. For the purpose of this article I am going to assume that it will rain and so will go for a 3-in-1 Jacket which combines a fleece and waterproof layer. Therefore I have chosen another of our bestsellers, the Regatta Defender, which at £42.96 instead of £57.99 represents great value for a great product.


To finish this kit list I have gone for the Gelert Raddisson 22L Rucksack, with pockets a plenty and at just £14.95 instead of the normal £24.99, a great saving.


This simple list of essentials would cost a total of £114 give or take a couple of pence if you ordered today, against the normal price which would be a few pence short of £200.00. In anyone’s books that is a great saving so for all your discount outdoor clothing come to Outdoor Look.