If you’re looking for a hiking partner, why not involve your family and kids? It is a great way to bond in this era of technology and screens. There may be a lot of doubts about kids going for hikes, but with the right planning and knowledge, it can prove to be a great outdoor activity. Hiking with kids is full of energy and giggles. The onset of the virtual world has plucked the kids from outdoors, but it is time that we introduce this amazing natural world to them again. It can help your kids in various ways.

  • Hiking in nature will create a deeper bond for your kids with nature. They’ll appreciate the natural world and learn a lot while exploring the woods.
  • It proves to be an effective physical activity to increase your kids’ stamina, strength and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Just completing the hike and reaching a mountain peak will instil a sense of achievement in them and boost their mental health.
  • Nothing beats a good family time when it is topped with nature and fun activities. The release of adrenaline creates stronger bonds and as a family, hiking can be used as a quick getaway for the weekend.

There are a few steps to take care of when you are planning on going out for the hike with your kids.

  1. Decide on a destination

According to your kids’ age, you must do your homework of finding the right trail and planning a destination. A trail that is safe and not too strenuous will work the best for the kids, with a few breaks. If you decide to stay overnight, you can choose a campsite that will offer a good view of the starry sky. Stargazing will be a magical and unforgettable experience for the kids.

  1. Plan the trail

Although a hike is all about spontaneity, you must plan a few breaks for the kids. Consult a map for suitable pit stops to rest on your trail. To keep the kids energized, keep them hydrated. Do not forget to bring water and snacks to keep the energy levels up. Plan a break in every half hour to avoid any muscle cramps, or divide the hike time into equal breaks. A bit steeper sections of the trail can be included for kids of age 6-10.

  1. Choose the right gear

No weather can stop the kids for a fun outing in the woods, so make sure to carry the right gear and have your kids wear the right clothing. Get them a waterproof jacket for cool weather and sun hats for sunny weather. A good pair of hiking shoes will protect their feet. You’ll have to carry twice the gear and clothing so try to lighten your packs’ weight with lighter versions of the gear. You can get a small backpack for the kids to carry as well and they’ll love it. Plan your meals and breaks ahead of time to avoid over packing.

  1. Include fun activities

Kids can get bored easily so it would require a lot more than just natural stimulation to keep their energy up. Keep the walk as interactive as possible by incorporating small games to play like singing songs, twig races, spotting blazes on trees, counting the birds, etc. Join in with your kids to make this getaway an unforgettable family time. Involve the kids in the preparations from buying snacks to planning out activities, as it will increase their excitement.

Do not hesitate to go out on a hike with your kids, as with proper planning and the right gear, the kids will look forward to this family time, away from the rush of daily lives.