It is nice to go out and get out of the comfort zone. Despite not being ready, I tried to give it a shot. I decided to go out and hike the 10 Mile Helvellyn Route. Known to be one of the hardest hiking trails, it can be difficult for beginners. I started the route from nearby Sticks Pass, and took a turn around a high raise. My friend and I then quickly moved towards the summit and then decided to spend some time there, and appreciate the scenic beauty before moving downwards till Glenridding.

With sharp turns, the Helvellyn route is a bit difficult to hike. I had been able to hike this route before and I knew how hard it can be. But, after the first 25 minutes, we had climbed around 540 metres.

Breathtaking View of Ullswater

The Helvellyn route in itself is scenic with greenery all around and beautiful autumn skies. We then reached a plain area where we could stop and enjoy the breathtaking view of Ullswater with colourful hues painted across the sky. I was wearing a thin layer and still sweating profusely. The only thing that kept me going was the view and the 10-mile route that I wanted to hike.

Reaching The Summit

After some more time, we could see mist all over the place. It was a wonderful experience. We climbed the Sticks Pass and went over the ridge area. We started seeing other hikers come down the passage and all of them had their hat and gloves on. At this point, I started doubting my navigating abilities. We decided that it was best to follow other hikers and move accordingly. We put on more layers as it was getting colder by the minute.

There were small peaks that went up and down. It was a difficult part of the trail where my friend and I both had started to find it rather difficult. But we made sure that we would reach the summit on time and enjoy the view from above.

The Descent

When we reached the top of the summit, it was marked with small pebbles and stones. It was the perfect place for us to click a mandatory selfie. We then quickly passed the Striding Edge and started out descent. The Swirrel Edge is next to the summit and is a tricky one to pass through. Due to wet pebbles and stones, it was a difficult descent altogether. But we found a perfect spot to take shelter in and have a quick lunch.

After the lunch, we quickly moved past the Red Tarn till Glenridding. The whole hiking route was completed and we all were back in time before it poured. I made hot soupy noodles for me and my friend and enjoyed the weather.


To conclude, the whole experience of the 10-mile Helvellyn route was a wonderful adventure for both me and my friend. It sure was tough at the start, but after reaching the highest point, it seemed like a smooth walk. Helvellyn is not at all an easy hike, but there are several ways to reach the summit point. Just make sure you have all the essential equipment and the whole experience would be successful.