City life is stressful and nature can help you de-stress. Hiking is a great option to get close to nature and connect with it. You can not only appreciate the nature but benefit from the healing power of nature. Hiking outdoors in the lap of nature has plenty of health benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Improves your fitness levels: An hour of trekking can burn about 500 calories from your body depending upon your climb and the weight you are carrying. If you move on to the higher altitudes, it is much easier for you to lose weight.

Tones the body: Walking is a complete workout and has many health benefits. If you want to get into shape, then walking is the best option. Using trekking poles, climbing over the rocks and taking sharp inclines is a full-body workout. Carrying a backpack on the treks will challenge your upper body.

Boosts intelligence: Hiking can have a positive impact on your brain and this is supported by many studies. It is a form of exercise that stimulates your brain and enhances the problem-solving capabilities. Nature takes away all the distraction and lets you concentrate. As your brain is not affected from the outer distractions, it allows for a clearer and better thinking.

Improves your immunity system: As you are exposed to the raw nature, your body becomes more capable of fighting diseases and outer elements. Many researches have supported this claim that hiking strengthens the bodies immunity system and keeps the sickness at bay.

Curb depression and ADHD: A regular city life is full of competitions and stress to perform at work. Even the normal day to day life is also full of challenges. When you go back to the nature, your brain gets timed-out from all these routine activities. A study has proved that walking for only 90 minutes can decrease the chances of depression and ADHD.

Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol: If you hike on a regular basis, there is a good chance that your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are controlled. This eventually reduces the risks of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The release of positive enzyme like endorphin regulates the body and improves the metabolism rate.

Alzheimer’s prevention: A research has supported the claims that hiking can improve your cognitive levels. The study conducted by the University of British Columbia has found that if you have incorporated hiking as a regular form of exercise, then it can prevent the early onset of the Alzheimer’s disease. It stimulates that part of the brain that improves long-term memory.

Hiking is a great social activity too that helps you to improve your social life and connect with people. Hiking in groups and teams helps you bond with new people with the same interests. Moreover, it also helps you to connect in a better way.