Is it too early to start thinking of the Summer; it might seem a long way away but for those of a certain age, this time of year meant holiday shows beginning to appear; Cliff Mitchelmore on the BBC’s “Holiday” and Judith Chalmers on ITV’s “Wish You Were Here”. Whilst tucked up warm in front of the fire, snow and ice outside, we were treated to celebrities of the day travelling to exotic and some not so exotic climes to entice us to book a holiday.


So if it’s travelling abroad or the back in favour staycation: defined by the Oxford English dictionary, as a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. We need to think what is required to fill that space in the suitcase or the wardrobe successfully.


Whether it is some new T-shirts for the beach, a smart polo shirt to wear for the evening or a new pair of walking boots for that walking trip, now’s the time to start checking what is required and getting organized, instead of the normal last minute rush. And with the snow and ice on its way, a quiet evening in isn’t a bad idea!!