Outdoor Look is known to house different brands of exceptional outdoor clothing in the United Kingdom. One of these brands is Helly Hansen. Helly Hansen is a multi-awarded outdoor clothing brand in UK. Their products range from comfortable T-shirts and shorts to waterproof jackets and fleeces. They also have their own line of outdoor gears such as shoes, bags, and caps.


The Humble Start of Helly Hansen

 Started in the year 1877, Helly Hansen first produced jackets, trousers and other outdoor clothing using coarse linen that had been soaked in linseed oil. They began exporting their Helly Hansen outdoor clothing products a year after and were awarded a diploma at the Paris Expo due to its excellent and high quality products. Due to their great beginnings, they started creating innovative clothing which includes their waterproof coats which, later on, became a hit. In the next succeeding years, they have been developing different kinds of heavy-duty Helly Hansen waterproof clothing ranging from trousers to jackets and other outdoor apparels.


Outdoor Look’s Helly Hansen Brands

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