You are the happiest when your furry buddy is, and they are the happiest when you take them out on a holiday. But it is important to be fully prepared when you plan a trip with your dog. This will help you have a smooth and fuss-free vacation with your travel buddy.

Carry a portable water bowl

Just like us, our dogs also get thirsty with all the playing, walking, and exploring. So it is best to carry a portable water bowl for them which is not too heavy or inconvenient to carry. Staying hydrated will keep your buddy energetic and playful throughout your vacation.


LED collar

Technological innovations have helped us in many ways. This is one of them. An LED collar is a blessing on trips. During evenings, especially during winter when the sunset sets off early at around 4:30 pm in the UK, an LED collar helps to keep your dog visible to vehicles passing by. This ensures that your dog is safe at all times, especially in the dark.

A high-quality lead

Even though we are the happiest when our dog is roaming around freely, it is wise to have a high-quality lead at all times. At times, most guides suggest that keeping the dog on a lead keeps it from disturbing the natural wildlife of the place and prevents unnecessary chaos.

Dog tags

This is one of the primary things that should be on your list. A dog tag with its name and your contact information is important just in case your pet strays away during the vacation. This will help anyone who comes in contact with your dog to get it back to you.

At Outdoor Look, you can find a wide range of products for your four-legged buddy. Some of them are:

Joules travel dog bed: While travelling or planning a holiday, another thing to keep in mind is your dog’s comfort. Comfort can be ensured with warm and cosy bedding. This product not only provides your dog with the utmost comfort but also makes it easy for you to carry it with its carry handles. The bed has an ultra-soft lining, giving a good sleep to your dog.

Joules mattress bed:This dog bed is water-resistant. Moreover, it provides your dog with extreme comfort with its orthopaedic memory foam and makes sure that your buddy has a good sleep after a long and tiring day.

Regatta extending dog lead: This lead extends, allowing your dog to play and explore and at the same time prevent him/her from straying too far. The lead has a release and stop button to help adjust its length and has a lock to keep the lead distance secure.

Regatta dog travel bottle: Carry this portable, durable, and lightweight dog tray to feed your dog water during your trip. The product comes with a travel bottle and a tray, making it easy for you to store and feed water.

Regatta LED collar: With a quick-release buckle and hardware stell D-ring, this LED dog collar stays securely on your dog at all times and is very lightweight, thereby causing no inconvenience at all.

Joules quilted coat: Keeping your dog comfy and warm during your hikes is also important to consider. This dog coat has insulation technology that keeps your dog warm. The coat is also durable and water repellent, keeping your dog dry as well.

Regatta glow in the dark toy: This chew toy is lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant. It serves as a perfect playtime toy for your dog and is great because it glows in the dark, thereby increasing the element of fun.

Regatta dog ball launcher: Keep your dog occupied as you go on a little exploration by yourself. This dog launcher has a ball that can be flung through the air.

Regatta dogs chew toy: The bone chew toy is very durable and can be used to keep the dog occupied for long hours or keep them busy at night before you go to sleep.