Camping is the way to establish a better relationship with the nature and yourself. When you camp in the wilderness, you come to realise the comforts that nature gives us. But, in our daily lives, we forget the importance of respecting our environment. Here are some ways we can make our camping trip eco-friendly.

1. Shop for Organic Food

One of the easiest ways is buying organic food. The regular food items that you buy have grown in the presence of fertilizers or pesticides that are harmful to both the environment and your health. Therefore, consider buying organic foods that harm neither you nor the environment.

2. Buy Reusables

Instead of buying new bottles of water that can be disposed of, buy the reusable ones. The reusable bottles are useful as you can not only take them on a camping trip, but can use them at home also.

3. Keep the water bodies clean

There are several reasons that cause water-pollution. Use of water-soluble products is one of them. You must ensure that the products that you are applying to your body do not make the lake and river water polluted. It is harmful to you as well as to the aquatic life.

4. Borrow or repair your camping gear

The manufacturing of new products has a great impact on the environment. You must try to borrow the camping gear from any of your friends or you can rent them from the camping gear rental service. If you already own gear, but it cannot be used due to any defect, get it repaired. This way you are saving your money as well as the nature.

5. Use Biodegradable Toothpaste and Bathing Bar

The non-biodegradable bathing bar and toothpaste can negatively affect the environment as it takes time to get decomposed in the woods. So make sure that you purchase the biodegradable toothpaste and bathing bar. It is necessary to camp at least 200 feet away from the water sources.

6. Make Your Own Meals

Purchasing the packed food items create lots of waste in the form of wrappers and packets. You must try to pack the combination of spices such as salt and black-pepper in the beeswax wraps. These wraps provide dual-benefits as they can be reused after washing and occupies less space in your backpack.

7. Carry Reusable Bags to discard the trash

No matters where you are camping, you must take care of the cleanliness of the environment. You should carry reusable bags to discard the trash. If you don’t have any way to compost the waste, it is suggested to carry them to your home and disposed them there.

8. Use the Products That Can Be Charged Using Solar Energy

Use of rechargeable batteries contributes towards the nature-protection. You can use the products that can be recharged using the solar energy. This reduces the requirement carrying additional batteries that create unnecessary waste.

9. Play a New Game “Clean Your Area”

“Clean your area” can be a new game for you and for the children on the trail. By doing this you’ll not only enjoy cleaning the area, but also provide knowledge to the next generation about the importance of cleanliness. You can use reusable bags for this purpose.

10. Cross-check the Area

It is necessary to cross-check the area where you have set your tent for any fruit-peels, aluminium cans or other traces. The burning of aluminium cans released the toxic gases that are harmful for everyone.