UK is amongst such places whose natural terrains and geographical locations have set forth some of the few and finest scenic settings in the world. The great outdoors and revisiting nature now and then away from the crowd is a pleasing way to unwind. With that thought in mind, many campsite owners are looking for visitors to enjoy the great outdoors in safe enclosures without losing the essence of the experience. While some of them offer, tents, in some you will have to carry your canvas and enjoy some quality time al fresco.

Dorset, Cloud Nine Glamping

Looking for a break a year of locking inside homes? Head to the Dorset estate for family-friendly camping with lots of recreational activities that will take your minds off of the year that has been. You will get a bell tent that features an eco-friendly loo. This low-key campsite has been a resounding success. The low-key entertainments will keep you busy and if you have children, they can also get engaged leaving you some time for yourself. Some of the most popular activities include circus skills, slacklining, archery, axe throwing, quiz night, and of course, the classic favourite, storytelling.

Cumbria, Gill Head Farm

Lake District is the usual place for all of us, and there is hardly a spot there to set it apart, or is there? When you will first visit this working farm located beneath the Blencathra, it will just seem like another nice family spot. However, things will change once you head towards the Hidden Field and see an idyllic backdrop unfold. Cross the bridge to the riverside nook surrounded by trees with its waterfall, it is like heaven on earth. And to add to this charm, you will find rabbits lolloping in and out of burrows on the abandoned railway embankment.

Scottish Borders, Ruberslaw Wild Woods

Head to Ruberslaw Mountain this spring and get some camping fun for yourself and your family. Enjoy the safari hideouts with pitches inside an Edwardian styled garden. Walk a good 10 minutes from the spot and Cheviot Hills will come into view alongside the glimpse of the roe deer. The old greenhouse offers you some time to read a book amidst the wonderful rafter-high vine.

Norfolk, Canal Camping

Off-grid campers looking for some family fun, Canal Camping can be your new seek-out place. Experience the River Ant humming its way with hired motorboats while Dilham and North Walsham Canal have long been abandoned yet grown gracefully to give an edge to the otherwise scenic beauty of a place. The riddled route is buzzing with damselflies with edges crowded by the yellow-flag irises. Let loose and explore the place and you might just find something that no one has before.

Gloucestershire, Abbey Home Farm

In for some open camping? This organic Cotswolds have all the amenities that a modern camper will look for yet skilfully preserving the old-world charm of native camping styles. You will find actual showers with the DIY ethos still intact. If you want, you can heat water over a fire and wash things using a bucket or a watering-can head. Go for some wood scavenging in and around the space while feeding the wanderer inside you.

Camping for Fun

These campsites offer a unique perspective to old-school camping with a few modern amenities and fun. With the beautiful and scenic nature of all kinds surrounding these campsites, there is nothing you wish for that will not be there.