France might have won the rugby at the weekend, leaving the Welsh feeling a more than a little despondent but there is some good news for rugby fans and players in the shape of Canterbury baselayers! If you don't know already know about Canterbury and their fabulous baselayers then read on. If you do know about Canterbury then check out the great prices on baselayers and other sports clothing.

Where did Canterbury gear come from?

The name Canterbury has been synonymous with top rugby players for decades but the clothing actually had a different start in life. Created in New Zealand in 1904, appropriately on the South Island in Canterbury, three men – John Lane, Pringle Walker and Alfred Rudkin – began making high-performance clothing that was good enough for an army, in fact the Anzacs in the First World War.

The reputation of their clothing was won in battle (sorry!) and then went on to impress numerous rugby teams. First, the infamous All Blacks wanted Canterbury rugby kit… and then every rugby player who knew their stuff demanded Canterbury.

Today Canterbury designs and makes all kinds of top-notch sports clothing, for rugby players and other sporty types who demand good quality kit.

Canterbury baselayers for the winter

One of the fastest growing Canterbury products is the baselayer. With winter on its way, baselayers that help to keep muscles warm and in good shape will become even more vital – and this is what Canterbury are very good at. The Canterbury tops, leggings and shorts keep muscles in great working order however cold it is on the outside by utilising a clever moisture wicking and muscle activating technology.

What’s so great about the Canterbury baselayers?

Cold, Compression, Mercury. These are different styles of Canterbury to suit different needs.

Cold BaseLayer shorts, leggings and tops are designed to keep the sports person warm in even the coldest temperatures. They are made from a baselayer fabric that has an adept moisture-wicking system. This system helps to conserve energy that would otherwise be used to maintain a consistent body temperature. They also have moisture-management attributes and antibacterial finishing.

The cold baselayers from Canterbury are great for all endurance sports, fast or slow including, er, rugby, as well as golf, cricket, running and rowing.

*Canterbury's Mercury Stability Compression baselayers are  made with compression and muscle stability in mind. The shorts and tops are designed to give constant compression for enhanced muscle stability.

* Canterbury BaseLayer Compression tights and tops are designed to reduce the build up of lactic acid in the muscles and reduce the time it takes for the muscles to recover from exertion.

Other Canterbury products

For sporty guys who like rugby and football, the Canterbury range includes shorts, pants and bags that are made with high quality in mind.

Put it this way, if the top rugby stars demand Canterbury products then most of us more average sporty types are going to love them, too.