Here’s a novel idea that two youngsters in the States have come up with to get people and children in particular off the couch and into the great outdoors; they have started a system where computer games can be exchanged for outdoor gear online. Yes swap Sackboy for Ski Clothing, Sonic for Shoes, Zelda for Zip-Off Trousers or Pikachu for a Polo Shirt!

The twin brothers, A.J and Jace Garcia, love being outdoors, whether it’s fishing, hunting or camping. In fact they like it so much they wanted to get more local kids involved and get them outdoors too. They have started a program called Twin Territory and travel round the local sports shows around their home state of Utah and this is want they do. They get the local kids to bring in their video games, ipads, laptops, consoles etc and they will exchange them for some useful gear to enjoy the great outdoors. This could be anything from clothing to fishing reels and they are supported by several businesses and individuals.

The two enterprising kids admit that they are just normal and enjoy video games as much as anyone but like being outdoors even more. They enjoy being active and seeing what the world has to offer, and wanted to share this with their friends and everyone else. “This is where real life is and memories are made…having real fun outside” is how they look at it. They even have their own website so there endeavours can be followed.

Well I for one think it is a great idea and I hope suppliers and manufacturers can set something similar up on this side of the Atlantic, maybe something that Government can get involved with (oops bit of politics) to help with getting kids and adults more active.

In the meantime, why not check out what outdoor gear online is currently available on our website and see what bargains you can find. And on a final note for those not in the know as far as computer games are concerned, Sackboy is the character from LittleBigPlanet, Sonic is a golden ring chasing superfast hedgehog, Zelda is a classic Nintendo female adventurer and Pikachu is a Pokemon