Moving into great shape is not that easy and gyms or workout centres are almost elusive to us with our busy schedules. When you do not have weights at home, physical exercise can be a challenge. Without weights, it's almost difficult for someone to keep a balanced routine. If you want to build your exercise routine at home, you can go for a full-body strength workout. You should start warming up and then go for three rounds of pull-ups, air squats, push-ups, and single-leg straight-leg deadlifts, at a constant speed for ten rounds each. This will help you increase each round's pace & strength.

Here, I will brief you about some of the easy home workouts that you can perform and get into the fitness league again. These exercises are good for both your physical and mental health.

Holding a handstand

To build muscle endurance in the upper body and heart, the handstand hold is designed. Accumulate in a handstand pose and put your hands just beyond the width of your shoulder. Hold the legs straight and toes pointing to each other. It is necessary to expand the arm to the limit. You should remain in this position for 30 to 40 seconds and should continue to breathe. Remember to keep your shoulder active & elevated, press the fingertips and the heels of the hands into the floor.

Hold split squat

You want to challenge your hamstrings, quads, glutes then try split-squat hold. For those looking to develop single-leg strength, the split squat is an excellent workout. Set up in a split position, looking straight ahead with your hands on your side. Start by simultaneously flexing both knees and proceed until the back knee immediately under the hip hits the ground. Move through the front foot and stretch the knee back to the starting place. Don’t forget to keep your chest high, your pelvis neutral, your torso upright, and your back straight.

Holding push up

This is one of my favourite exercises as it strengthens the chest, triceps, core and back muscles. It is very easy to perform. Place yourself in a plank position, stabilize your body with your toes and place your hands with elbows extended under your shoulders. Keep interacting with your abs and stop letting your hips drop. Place your chest down to the floor and hold for 30 seconds.

Holding squat

Want to strengthen your leg muscles? Then squat hold is what you need to do as it one of the total body exercises. When you squat, the whole of your upper body acts to balance the weight. You have to place your shoulder width or outside the shoulder width. Then slightly turn your toes out and hold your core braced and your chest up. Raise your arms to shoulder height as you bend your knees slowly, and push back your hips. Then descend into a squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. For as long as you can, pause and remain in this place. You can even add weight by using water bottles, rocks, textbook and others.

Single leg tempo deadlift

This is a perfect exercise to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. In this, you have to stand on one leg with some slight bend in your knees. Put your core in, and square your hips. Slowly raise your free leg behind you until your upper body and leg are in the same plane, parallel to the floor or as far as you can go in good shape without rounding your back. Slowly raise your free leg behind you until your upper body and leg are in the same path, parallel to the floor. Make sure, in the process, you keep your back and hips straight.

In Conclusion

If you wish to stay fit and get into your desired clothes without hitting the gym, then you should go for these mentioned workouts. Not only does this provide you a perfect body shape, but it will also make you feel amazing. Start working out today!