Do you have a friend that would rather spend their day indoors than be exploring the great outdoors? If you want to tempt them to join you for a hike, check out these top tips!

Invite them.

The first thing that you need to do is invite them. It’s likely that they may be hesitant to reply – after all, they don’t do it very often. Explain why you think that it would be fun and tempt them with a compromise, maybe offer to join your friend on something that they enjoy doing.

Don’t start with a 4 hour hike.

If you instantly propose a long hike, either in distance or in time, you’re not likely to tempt them. Start off small and hopefully your friend will enjoy it, which may lead to further and further distances over time. You can always end your trip with a small celebration, something as simple as a trip to a nearby pub.


Plan everything.

You’re trying to tempt your friend into doing something that is most likely, out of their comfort zone. They probably have very little, if any, experience in undertaking such activities so it’s up to you to make sure that everything’s planned beforehand. Fully plan the day and instruct him/her of what to wear and what equipment to bring. You may have to lend some of your own gear – such as a pair of walking boots!

Stick with them.

Make sure to bear in mind that your friend is not as experienced as yourself with outdoor pursuits and may not be as fit. Let them set the pace and keep with them. Take breaks whenever necessary and remain positive and enjoy your friends company.

Invite them again.

If your first outdoor adventure has been a success, invite your friend to do it again. The first trip might have been enough that your friend asks you – if so, brilliant! If you keep at it, keep improving together, you may become hiking/camping/cycling buddies for a long time to come.

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