Putting on your walking boots is one of Britain’s most popular hobbies – it’s free, there are no specialist skills to learn and we are lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful walks in the World, from dramatic coastal paths to soaring peaks.

To begin with, stick to your local area.  Canal towpaths, parks or even city walks are a great place to start and if you know the area, you can really relax and just enjoy the experience.  As you get more adventurous, head further afield or why not buy a map of countryside or coastal walks to try?

If you’re new to exercise, build up the pace slowly.  It’s all about the enjoyment and even a half hour stroll will help improve your fitness and energy levels.  Remember to check with a doctor first if you have any health concerns and stick to a pace that suits you.

Last but not least,  make sure you go prepared. Good outdoor clothing is essential and you may want to invest in a good pair of hiking boots once you really get into the swing of things. Build up your clothing in layers so you can add or remove garments as the weather changes. Take a fleece jacket in case the weather turns and don’t forget the waterproofs – this is Britain after all!