The God of Snow has been kind this year. Just as unusually high temperatures across Europe threatened to melt so much of the snow, along came a massive dump and now many resorts are looking forward to a fabulous Easter season of skiing. If you have booked a family ski trip to coincide with the Easter school holidays you might well be jumping up and down for joy.

So are you sure that you have all the ski clothing that you’ll need for your week away, carving up the slopes and having fun on a toboggan? Here’s a guide to the ski and snowboarding essentials. Remember that even when the sun is shining in the ski resorts there could still be a chill wind, and when you’re whizzing downhill the wind-chill will feel far greater. Children also get colder much quicker than adults.

Toe to top guide to ski clothing

Ski socks are important for two reasons. Thicker ski socks keep feet warm – and they also help to counteract the sometimes painful action of ski boots on feet and shins.

Ski pants: These can be looser-fit or tighter-fit, in a whole host of colours and styles but importantly they should be thick enough to keep your legs cosy on the slopes. If it’s warm this Easter at ski resorts you will probably be able to shed the base layer tights, but it will depend on the temperatures when you’re there.

Look out for ski pants with braces, or adjustable waists. Many people find it more comfortable to have some assistance to keep their trousers up around their waist, instead of half way down their butts. But it’s all about preference! Braces are particularly important for children, who have less of a waist than adults.

Ski jackets: At this time of year, a lighter-weight ski jacket will probably be perfect. Add several baselayers to your suitcase so that you can add or take away the layers according to temperatures. Really, there is so much choice when it comes to ski jackets for men, women and kids that you will surely find the most fabbie item to suit your desires. Look out for waterproofing, windproofing, zipped pockets and a safe pocket in which to stow your ski lift pass and sun block.

Ski gloves: Whatever the weather, you’ll need a pair of ski gloves. Touching the snow or cold skis and poles with bare hands will lead to chilly hands, not to mention falling over or whizzing down windy slopes. The hands are often the first place to feel the cold, especially among children, so make sure you’re well protected.

Ski hat: Most people wear ski helmets for safety these days, but a ski hat will come in handy when your enjoying a little apres-ski fun or while sledging. Look out for ski hats that cover your ears!

Rucksack: Spring skiing often results in skiers adding and taking off layers at frequent intervals. Having a rucksack offers easy access to layers as and when you need, or don’t need, them. You can also add in snacks and all-important water. The other vital item on an Easter ski holiday is sun lotion. Never underestimate the power of the sun in a ski resort.

Have a fantastic Easter ski holiday. We're jealous!