Well, if you are prepared enough, you can face any challenge and at least that’s how the saying goes, which is true by the way. Rain must not stop you from running outside if you love it so much. You might be a recreational runner or getting prepared for a race, rain must not be the hindrance. So, if you are physically and mentally prepared to run in the rain, it will take just a few tips to ensure you run comfortably and stay safe even when it is pouring outside.

Avoid Lightning and Thunderstorms

Running in the rain is perfectly worth the shot, but it is always wise to stay indoors if there is thunder and lightning in your neighbourhood or areas nearby. It is not worth the risk to get stuck by lighting when you are out for a run. If the weather forecast shows such reports, switch to some other cardiovascular exercise or run on the treadmill.

Protect Your Head with a Hat

A hat might seem like a simple gear to wear when it is pouring outside but a hat covers your head to the brim, and is more useful than you think. A baseball hat is a usual option as it will keep the rain out of your face and eyes letting you focus on the trail. If it is warm and raining, then wear a hat with vents or whichever is breathable so that you do not heat up.

And, if it is cold, wear something that is made of thicker or warmer fabric. Protect your ears with a headband. It will also help keep the hat in place from the occasional gust of wind.

Avoid Cotton at All Costs

No matter whether it is hot or cold outside, wearing cotton clothes will give you a soggy experience throughout. Cotton absorbs water, which means if it gets wet, which it will, it will cling onto the absorbed water and give you an uncomfortable experience. Also, when the cold and wet fabric will stick to your skin, it is bound to make you feel chilly.

So to avoid such a situation, you can stick to the old layering technique and use synthetic fabric for your base layer which will wick away the moisture and keep you dry. This way, you will be able to better concentrate on the road than catching a cold and falling sick.

Keep the Right Shoes On

Waterproof shoes might seem like an obvious choice, but the case is not so. Picking the right shoes largely depends on the type of runner you are. This means, if you are a road runner, waterproof shoes are a good option in keeping your feet warm and dry. On the other hand, if you are a trail runner, skip the waterproof shoes and get your regular sneakers or just rely on your old shoes. You are more likely to come across a lot of puddles and small creeks on a trail and waterproof shoes will not be of much use.

Mindset Is Everything

Rain is more enjoyable when you stay indoors and if you think the same, the, running in the rain might pose a challenge for you. No matter how better equipped you are, if your attitude towards rain does not change, running will not be a fruitful experience for you. Stay prepared physically and mentally to get drenched and everything else will just fall into place.