It’s never too late to enjoy physical running, and a the best way of starting is a little jogging. Even world class athletes need to ease themselves back into this activity, look at Paula Radcliffe, who has just run her first race in over two years as a reintroduction to racing before she goes for next year’s London Marathon. OK she eases herself back into running with a 10k but for the rest of us mere mortals who just want to get a little bit fitter what do we need to get us out and about. Here are a few tips for you as to the basic kit you will have to consider.

The most important thing to consider is going to be your shoes. You have to look at getting shoes that will give you the right cushioning and stability that the repetitive action of running requires. So make sure you select the right type of show for the running you are undertaking, as the requirements for trail running are different than that required for road and track running. Your shoe should support the foot, offer the right amount of padding in the midsole area and support areas such as the ankle so that it can help to prevent twists or sprains if you are encountering inclines or descents.

For example if you are staring out trail running, the shoe needs to flexible enough to be comfortable to wear and yet they also need to be robust enough to cope with the stones and rocks you will encounter. The sole is another important area as it needs to be thick enough to provide traction on the surfaces you are running on, yet lightweight so that it doesn’t slow you down. Without enough padding and only providing a flat sole then too much pressure can be put on the foot and this can lead to injuries in the long term as you run on harder uneven surfaces.

For trail running, you might want to consider the Merrell Bare Access 3 Running Shoe, which is designed for the distance runner and those who are interested in persuing the ‘barefoot running’. It offers toe to heel cushioning so that you can land your feet flat during your run, the upper mesh hugs the foot and keeps them cool and fresh with its breathable qualities.

If you are going to be doing more road or track based running than you would need to look for something slightly different, as you have to remember that one shoe is not a “one fits all” solution. You can find other running bargains on the website too, so if you need shorts or a good technical top to help you stay cool and dry while running check out the latest additions.