After my adolescent years had passed, I grew quite obese because of my sedentary lifestyle. Quite unfit and lazy at that time, I started gymming after a lot of persuasion from my family and friends. When I first hit the gym, I was told to hop a few times and run on the treadmill. When the trainer said “Done,” I thought it was the end of my ordeal. But when I learned that what I had done was only the warm-up, and the real exercise was about to start, I instinctively started hating limbering up.

As I grew accustomed to exercising, I started enjoying going to the gym. But warm-up never became part of my to-do list. As my body was transforming without any extensive warm-up, I started excluding it completely from my training regimen. That’s when I first injured my shoulder while performing one pull-up too many. I had to take a break from the gym and had to recuperate. While recovering, I consulted my friend who is a professional bodybuilder and told him about my injury. When he learned that I do not warm up at all, he gave me a stern warning. He explained to me in detail about the benefits of warming up exercises and taught me a few. Through this post, I would like to share a few of my favorite warm-up exercises which have become a part of my everyday training schedule:

1. Pogo Jump

Pogo jump turns on your fast-twitch muscles by activating your nervous system. It is a great way to start your workout. This is my simplest and favourite warm-up exercise. For performing a pogo jump, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, jump vertically. One jump will count as one rep. You need to jump again as soon as you land. Focus on jumping quicker rather than jumping higher. Perform at least ten reps.

2. Inchworm

This exercise loosens your hamstrings, hips, and calves and boosts your heart rate. You need to initiate it from a push-up position. Keep your palms on the floor and legs straight, and walk your feet towards your hands. Stop when your heels are flat on the ground while keeping your shoulders over your hands. Once your body looks like an upside-down U or V, you need to halt. Now you need to walk your legs back until you return to the initial push-up position. Doing this move will count as one rep, do at least 8 reps for the perfect effect.

3. Lateral Lunge Windmill

This exercise improves your side movement. For this exercise, spread your legs double shoulder-width apart. Make sure that your feet are pointing straight. Shift your torso to your right, so that your left leg is stretched out and your right knee is bent. Place your left hand on the floor to the inside of your right foot, and then twist your torso and reach your right hand as high as you can. Do it again in the other direction, and do eight reps for both sides.

4. Half-Kneeling Airplane Windmill

This wonderful warm-up exercise generates energy in your hips and torso. With this boost of energy, you can better move from side to side. For this exercise, get into a half-kneeling position. Your right knee should be out front and your left knee on the ground. Both knees should be bent 90 degrees with the shin to the floor. Simply twist your torso in toward your knee, right shoulder toward left knee, and lower toward the ground. While performing this motion, use your left forearm to brace to the floor. Once you return to the starting position it will count as one rep. Finish eight reps for one side and then perform eight reps for the other side.