If you’re looking for the right opportunity to go out and have an enjoyable social trip amidst the scenic surroundings with your loved ones a walking holiday is perfect for you. This will not only help you take a break from your home and hectic schedule, but also take care of your health and fitness.

Initially, there are two important things you need to consider before your trip- planning and a checking your fitness level. Add a walk of 30 minutes to your daily routine and you’re already on your way to planning for your walking holiday.

How Many Days do You Want to Spend on your Trip?

Walking holidays can also open the doors to new experiences and interests. For instance, if you love trying different kinds of food and cuisine, find a recommended cafe or restaurant in the area and try our their specialities. You might visit some lesser known villages or other ancient ruins if this sparks your interest. Learning about new things and places makes your holiday worth planning and a memorable experience

Booking in Advance Can Be a Great Way To Motivate You

If you want to plan a successful trip do your research and ensure that you’re sure about it. Apart from this, there’s nothing like the expectation of a thrilling trip that will help you through the dark winter months.

In fact, an organised walking holiday will keep you motivated for the upcoming holidays and trips. There are some great pointers below to help.

Go for a Self-Guided or a Group Tour

Make sure you’re ready for a self-guided tour and have the capabilities to read the map correctly before you go alone. Be confident in your decision. But if you’re not, seek help from a guided group. Here you can easily leave all the plannings and organising to the expert and learn from them.


What About the Right Travel Partner?

Yes, we may enjoy walking alone, but spending a vacation with the perfect friend or companion can make the trip much better. If your partner has no interest in a walking holiday then you can perhaps go with a friend or a group of friends with a shared interest in the trip.

Fitness Matters

If you are new to hiking and do not have much experience start slow by adding short walks to your daily routine. You can plan accordingly and once your trip is booked add the expected walking time into your routine by going on short hikes a couple of times a week. Activities like swimming, cycling, and other aerobic exercises can also be a great help in building strength and stamina for the trip.

There are many other tips that can be considered while planning for a walking holiday. Build yourself as a person with new found experience and skills, you'll soon be a hiking expert!