Shopping for hiking boots can be an onerous task which would involve bouts of shopping rounds and wasted time in doing so. Even spending so much time, there is no guarantee that the hiking boot which you would be buying would be good enough to accompany you on your trail. So, if you would know the secret of getting comfortable in your hiking boots, it would save a great deal of effort and time from your side.

Why Boots of Right Fitting Are Required?

It is an unnecessary baggage to replace the hiking boots every time you go for a hiking experience. It is better to buy a boot in which you would be comfortable rather than the one which would constantly bug you in your endeavours. So, it is imperative to have the boots which fit your feet in a perfect manner.

Choose the Right Kind of Hiking Boots to Try On: The first and foremost condition of having the right kind of boot is knowing the exact measurement of your feet. After knowing the measurements of your feet, you can browse online or can do window shopping. Make sure to try the hiking socks with boots on to have clarity on the level of fitting you are having in the boots.

How to Fit Hiking Boots? Go through the following pointers in order to test the fitting of your boot:

  • Open up the boots fully and place your feet in them
  • Wear your hiking socks and not those thin cotton socks
  • Kick the ground with the front of your foot till your toes touch the front of your boots
  • Put your finger inside your boot between your heel and the back of the boot
  • If your finger doesn’t fit well, then it is an indicator that your boots are small

Boots That Fit Well and Those That Don't Fit Well: When your fingers are rested inside the boots, then see that there are no pressure points developed inside the boot on any of the fingers. Try walking around to test the above fact.

Boots that don’t fit well have a lot of discomforts inside the boots. The feet may be squeezed, or the upper end of the boot may be bended inward which is a warning sign. If any such signs are visible, then you should try replacing your existing boots.

 How to Make Existing Boots Feel More Comfortable?

Check the wear and tear of the outsole because an unbalanced consumption of the rubber can determine a wrong foot gait. Most of the hiking boots have soles that can be replaced locally. If you want your boots to be a little wider, then you have the right to ask the shopkeeper to stretch your boots a little.