A good night’s sleep goes a long way in making you stay energetic the next day. Especially on a camping trip which requires you to perform strenuous tasks under grueling condition, nightly rest is of paramount importance. Hence, it becomes quite important that you bring along a good bed for sound sleep on your adventures. There are many solutions available in the market, which makes the task of choosing a bed quite confusing. To make the selection easier for you, I have broken down the number of choices to six, so you can make the selection as per requirement.

1. Sleeping Mats - Self-Inflating

I use these mats often when I am with my buddies on a long hiking trip, when comfort is not high on my priorities. These no-nonsense mats are ideal for adventures which require you to be ready in a jiffy. Self-Inflating Sleeping Mats come in a variety of sizes, and it is not too difficult to find a small enough mat that fits easily into your backpack. I can tell you from my experience that these mats are suitable for people with healthy bodies. In case you suffer from health problems like joint conditions, I would advise that you skip these and stick to something more comfortable. Buy these bags for what they are: Easy to carry and lightweight for travelling, with basic sleeping comfort.

2. Air Mattresses Standard Type

For people who value their comfort, but do not want to shell out mega bucks, Standard Air Mattresses are a perfect fit. These mattresses roll/fold easily and are quite light in weight. Available in different sizes, these mattresses are readily available in the market. A few downsides are: poor insulation, leakage of air and a short life. The Standard Air Mattresses make up for these cons with their relatively cheaper price. If you are a sporadic camper, these mattresses are perfect for you.

3. Double-Height Air Mattresses

When I took my father along with me on a camping trip, I was worried about his needs as he is not too mobile. I bought Double-Height Air Mattresses after searching online and they were nothing less than a blessing. These mattresses are way more comfortable than their standard counterparts and mimic a real bed with their increased height. Double-Height Air Mattresses are quite expensive and take a long time to inflate. Other than that they are as reliable as a standard air mattress.

Tip: Some versions come with electric mains pump attached which make them difficult to carry on a trip. Stick to the basic versions without the pump for your camping trips.

4. All-in-one Beds & Ready Beds

Perfect for children and also good enough for adults, these beds consist of a self-inflating or inflatable air mattress with an attached sleeping bag. These beds are not very comfortable for adults with aching joints, so skip them if you want to invest in something more comfortable.

5. Camp Beds Which Fold Away

Folding Camp Beds are bigger and bulkier than other beds mentioned in this section and hence, are difficult to carry on person. These bags come with their own carry bags and can be carried in a car. Easy to set-up, fairly sturdy and light on the pocket, these beds are great for car campers. One major advantage of these beds over air mattresses is that they do not deflate overnight.

6. Carp Fishing Beds

Carp Fishing Beds are like hidden gems as far as bedding for camping is concerned. These beds are quite versatile as they easily convert from a chair to a bed. Offering extreme comfort even on uneven grounds, fishing beds can also be adjusted for firmness as per preference. The only disadvantage is that these fishing beds are quite large in size and difficult to carry. If you are using an RV or a car, you should definitely carry these amazing beds on your adventures.