I have always loved to do camping outdoors. Even if that meant trudging the lanes of all comforts, I have always been up for it. But after I and Michael had Jack as our first kid, it just seemed that we had to give up our camping plans, but then I had the idea of garden camping which came as a saviour for both of us. It not only gave us the comfort of location but also allowed us to include our baby who was just 3 years old at that time.

Bedding: You don’t have a decent kind of sleeping bag and you may be quite worried about the fact. But you actually don’t have to be worried. Chuck out all the cozy pillows and duvets until it is as warm as your own bed.

Eating Outdoors: We waited until our kid was in bed before we grilled ourselves a couple of baguettes. We didn’t struggle with gas burners and hot plates for our dinner, we simply cooked ourselves some pasta in the kitchen and then we ate it in the tent.

Weather: The day we decided to do garden camping was a day which had forecasts that it would have warm temperature conditions with rain showers. So, we decided that rather than taking risks, we could better opt for our own garden. We got a great family tent with cool torches stuffed inside the tenting bag. We were all set to get on the tenting experience. We had this plan that if the weather turned rough, then we may turn inside the house rather than getting wet and soggy in the rain. But we had the luck at our side and the weather didn’t turn odd.

Get the whole family involved: Kids always have this tendency of being a part of whatever the parents are doing. Jack was no exception. While we were fixing the knots of the tent, he came down running and begged to include him in our plan. So, we gave him some ropes to play with.

No need for expensive camping furniture: Making a tent in your garden saves a great deal on camping chairs, folding tables, plates, plastic cutlery, sleeping bags and all that other expensive stuffs that you spend more time trying to figure out where to store and how to carry them than actually using them.

So, we have recited our own experience of a day well spent in garden camping. The next time the sun shines at full length, you need to get outside to make your own memories.