Fishing is the most relaxing and laid-back activity. It is a solitary escape for all those looking for some alone time. On-site fishing while camping is interestingly a very popular leisure activity enjoyed by campers all around the world. However, cleaning and cooking the fish is a challenge that makes it a little more of a task. What's better than the opportunity of cooking and devouring some really mouthwatering fish dishes while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine?

It is going to be an even more exciting and an unforgettable memory, if you are the one who has caught the fish. However, preparing the fish for the campfire can be a little tricky. An enthusiast would not mind trying out a hand in cleaning and filleting the fish. Once your fish is cooked, you can literally smell your hard work, as the smell of freshly cooked fish lingers in the air, tempting you even more.

A few points that guide you on how to clean and cook the fish while camping are as follows:

You do not want to eat a stale fish, or a fish lacking the enriching flavours, do you? Absolutely not!

  • An important thing to keep in mind is - fresh water fishes need to be kept in water ice coolers in order to retain their succulent flavours.
  • If you do not have one, then the best thing you can do is be a sport and cook it right away for a lip smacking fish-in-stomach experience.

What You Need?

Few basic requirements are essential for cleaning and cooking your fish. Many locations lack these basic resources. Following are the mandatory items for a better cooking and cleaning experience.

  • A frying pan
  • Potable water
  • A fillet knife
  • Scaling Tool
  • Wood
  • Aluminum Foil (if required)
  • Plastic storage bags, zip top plastic bags, etc. - to store fish in case you do not plan to cook it.
  • Container/bucket for discarded parts

Clean Your Fish With Patience

Patience is the key. Take enough time to clean the fish you have just caught from the river. Cleaning a fish thoroughly before cooking it and consuming it is very necessary. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash off the Slime- Mostly a layer of slime is to be found on top of the fish you just caught. Washing off this layer with a mixture of salt and water is crucial before you slice the fish. This layer of slime contains some bacteria growth and parasites.
  2. Scales need to be Removed- The next step to be followed is removing the scales from the body of the fish using the blunt edge of the knife. This is to be done using short strokes against the direction of the scales from the tail to the head. Rinse your fish after this.
  3. Remove the left over organs/entrails and Rinse- Remove all the internal organs of the fish with your finger and rinse it thoroughly, making sure you have washed out all the blood.

Simple Fish Recipes while Camping

Give a succulent twist to your fish cooking skills. Explore new ways of cooking fish on-site. Various ways of cooking fish are listed below:

Skewering- Skewering the fish over the coals is possible by poking a skewer into the fish and ensuring that you keep turning the fish over the coals frequently so that it is properly cooked.

Frying- This is quite simple as you just need to place the fish in the frying pan with hot oil. After it turns brown in colour, remove the pan from the campfire and relish some well-cooked fish!

Boiling- You can boil your fish too. All you need to do is boil water in a pan and add fish to it along with the desired seasonings like onions, garlic etc. if available. You can use a fork or a knife to check if the fish is soft enough to be eaten.

Baking- Another alternative to cook fish is smearing the fish with clay and letting it dry off completely. Make sure it is not sticky with that clay layering. After it dries off, add another layer of clay to it. Cook the fish for one hour over hot coals and then break of the clay shell and have some good baked fish.

Grilling- For grilling a fish, aluminum foil is required. Just add a little seasoning of onions and garlics to your fish and wrap it up in a heavy duty aluminum foil. Wrap it up twice if you are using a lighter aluminum foil. Now place it over a grill rack or on top of hot coals. Cook it for 5 minutes. Within 10 minutes of total time, your fish will be ready to be eaten.

Adding a variety of things makes them more enjoyable. Although, there is not any ideal method of cooking fish, trying out various ways of cooking fish can help you relish some mouthwatering fish dishes, thereby adding a bundle of joy to your on-site fishing experience. Get ready to plunge into an exotic culture, delicious food, and stunning landscapes!