The functionality of outdoors clothing has come a long way since the days of any colour as long as it’s green or brown, and a checked shirt. Over recent years outdoor styles have made there way into the mainstream where it has become fashionable. You are as likely to see a regatta fleece in Tesco’s as you are on the top of any of the Lake District Fells, so you can alter your own style by looking at the latest additions to your outdoor kit.


Outdoor clothing’s prime aim is to keep you comfortable and protected against the elements. So whether that is keeping you cool in the summer, utilising the latest technological advances in using wicking properties on a garment, or a winter jacket keeping you warm with an insulated lining. Manufacturers are using the latest technical fibres to produce high quality clothing to suit all outdoor environments. However, styling and the choice of colours is becoming something to consider.


Many of the leading brands began as part of a need for specially designed hard wearing clothing for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, mountaineering and fell running. Now they incorporate everything from pockets for your mobile phone to reflective strips for visibility and technical fabrics that makes sure the sweat stays off your body when you are hitting the hills. The introduction of more products designed specifically for the ladies has meant the manufacturers have become more aware of what a product looks like as well as  what it is designed to do.


We even see the introduction of items such as shirts, sweatshirts and trousers that combine the functionality of outdoor wear, that do not look out of place when worn in the evening. One great example is the Bear Grylls Trek Long Sleeve Shirt which is built to stay the distance when out on the trail, utilising a nylon fabric with mesh lining. The SolarDry construction gives you sun-protection built in and a material that is quick drying and has a high wicking factor. However, the cut and styling mean that you can wear this out on the town too.


So why not have a look at the Outdoor Look website and see for yourself the outdoors clothing that has made its way from the hill tops to the fashionable bars and cafes in more urban surroundings