If you live in Manchester or around Cheshire, then you surely must have heard about or planned a day trip to stroll about Dunham Massey. As for me, I am a traveller and a member of the National Trust, so I have access to the beautiful properties with scenic views owned by the National trust. Trust me, after reading this post, you would want to pack your bags and leave for Dunham Massey right away.

Whether it is a planned trip or an impromptu one, full experience and joy can be only felt when you have your loved ones with you to enjoy it.

On Our Way

On the way to Dunham Massey, you might not find the best of scenic beauty as the way to the area cuts through the highway M56. However, you might find small villages along the way adding colour to the dullness of the scenery.

Once we reach closer to the park, we tend to go through the visitor centre, grab our tickets and head towards the park. If you feel like not getting the tickets to see the park and think that you can see plenty without it, then maybe you are right but getting tickets for the park will let you explore more, and you can also experience the panoramic beauty of the park.

The Calmness and Tranquillity

We got outside the park after a casual stroll and headed towards the old-water mill with beautiful views of the local farmland. As we crossed the walls, there is an instant drop in the number of people you see walking around the park. And so, we decide to head over to the Bridgewater canal, to let go of this lonely and dull feeling. In the wonderful weather of that day, we took time to absorb the calmness and beauty of nature, with little buds blooming into full spring.

Let the Path Lead You 

As you follow the path ahead, it leads you to the beautiful canal. It is amazing how these rural canals are so different than the urban ones, with the grassy paths, little hedgerows, a little wet soil near the canal and cleaner water as compared to the urban canal water. Who couldn’t love this beautiful scene?

So, the next time you visit Manchester, don’t forget to take a stroll along the canal while soaking in the refreshing nature or just sit there and relax while spending some time with your companions.

Can’t Ignore the Spring

It was spring season when we went to Dunham Massey, but as we reached the garden, we were disappointed to see no blooms. However, on returning from the canal, it seemed as if spring had come while we turned our heads for a moment. There were flowers in fool bloom, the beautiful Rhododendron and mesmerising Rosa filipes filled the air with sweet aroma along with a variety of other flowers.

If you have time on your hands and are looking for a way to spend the weekend, then this little stroll around Dunham Massey is perfect for you to relax while being away from home. Keep in mind these little suggestions and you won’t need to go looking for panoramic scenes, they will come to you.