Snorkelling is a favourite water sport that lets you discover and explore the beauty of marine life below the surface of the water. The idea of snorkelling itself is exciting as it involves seeing the serenity and calmness of organisms living in deep water. So what all are you packing this time for an unforgettable snorkelling experience? Here's a packing checklist for you.

Life Vest

A life vest is a personal flotation device that is inflatable. It helps keep you buoyant in the water, thus being important in times of emergencies during water sports and adventures. The life vest not only keeps you floating on the surface, but also reduces the effort of swimming and snorkelling so that you focus more on the aquatic life.

Life Jacket

A life jacket works just like a life vest. Ensure that you carry a functional life jacket in your backpack. Life jackets are inflatable too, and allow you to snorkel or swim for longer. The only difference between a life jacket and a life vest is that the former is handier than the latter.

Snorkel Fins

Snorkel fins help you propel back and forth so that you move unhindered in the water. These fins are strategically designed to reduce your effort to snorkel allows you more time to and energy to cherish the underwater peace.

Body Suit

A bodysuit, also called a wet suit, is another essential piece of clothing for snorkelling. It covers your body entirely and shields it from direct contact with water, which may otherwise cause rashes. Look for a wet suit that is lightweight, water-resistant, warm and soft. An ideal wet suit is expected to be buoyant enough to keep you floating.

Snorkel Mask

A snorkel mask shields your head and face from impurities and chemicals in the water. It also reduces the chances of water percolation into the ears, mouth, and nose. Snorkel masks also let you see where you are headed while underwater. Every snorkel mask comes with a mask strap cover that hold the various components together.

Snorkel Bag

Snorkelling, apart from being a relaxing and enjoyable sport, can also be an after-trip thing to rejoice. You may want to take a few photos of aquatic life or some selfies to post on the social media. You may also need to navigate through rocky surfaces, for which you may require tools and accessories. All this additional bulk can be stored in a snorkel bag that you can take along while going underwater.

Rash Guards

Rash guards come handy when you want to get into the water frequently, but can't apply sunscreen lotions now and then. Rash guards shield your body against the hard water during snorkelling, thereby preventing rashes and other skin problems.

Night Lights

Snorkelling at night is a different experience altogether. To ensure proper lighting underwater, take along an attachable night light that will illuminate your underwater path. Night lights are also helpful in dark areas such as deep water.