In 2016, there’s a smartphone application for nearly everything. That’s no different when it comes to health and fitness, with a whole host of apps available to download for a variety of different devices which can provide you with information on your speed, distance, heart rate and more.

These apps are not only available on smartphones, but now smart watches too, with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Apple Watch. There are also a large variety of fitness focused watch-like devices which also track your progress and heart rate, as well as provide a GPS!

As well as using apps to help us monitor our progress, lots of people also enjoy being able to exercise whilst listening to music. While these devices can help us to keep track of our progress as well as distract us from the vigour’s of training, it can be beneficial to train without them – at least occasionally!


  1. Without any technology to let you know how you’ve done, you are more in tune with your body and can judge your performance based on how you felt it went more than what your piece of tech is telling you.
  2. The ability to hear yourself breathing and your feet repeatedly hitting the ground can improve your focus and again, the connection with your body.
  3. Our day-to-day lives are constantly dominated by technology and forms of exercise such as running or cycling are seen by many as an escape. Without the distraction of your smartphone, or perhaps even your music, you can focus one hundred per cent of your efforts on reaching your targets – whether that’s to go further, faster – anything!

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