Camping and hiking in winters is fun, but only when you are wearing the right layers. Winter jackets are an important part of layering. These jackets help you fight against the winter chills while you are outdoors. The perfect jacket is also the one that would help your family or friends identify you on the hilly slopes or the dark woods. As someone who goes on adventures frequently, I can tell you one thing for sure. No one jacket is perfect for all your outdoor activities. And so, I have created a list of jackets which you would be needing in different scenarios.

  1. Insulating and Water Repellent Ski Jackets

Skin and snowboarding jackets are high in demand during the winter. They are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions as they are insulated and have a waterproof outer shell, making them perfect for winter activities. These jackets are usually available in a combination of three-in-one jackets. They have an inner insulation layer, with a warmer and a water repellent outer layer, which makes them a bit heavier. However, they are equipped with pit zips for better insulation.


  1. Soft Shell Jackets for Adding Warmth

Soft-shell, as the name suggests, are soft jackets like fleece jackets but only warmer. These jackets are not so light but are surely lighter than those heavy snowboarding jackets. Their lighter weight make them a great fit for activities like cross-country skiing, climbing, snowshoeing or hiking. These jackets are mostly water repellent and would not let you get soaked by the melting snow. These jackets have a sturdy make and hence, they can withstand harsh weather and abrasions.


  1. Lightweight Fleece Jackets

The soft and comfy feeling of a fleece jacket is a great warm hug when you are outdoors for some adventure. These super soft jackets are often wind and water resistant, making them a great addition to the outdoor sports or camping gear. These jackets are not insulated, so it is best if they are used when the weather is mildly cold or when you are playing a sport that makes you sweat. You can always layer up over this if you need more warmth.


  1. Packable Down Jacket

Down jackets are available in two qualities, made with either natural or synthetic fibres. These jackets are light-weight and can be packed in a small bundle making them easy to carry. They are perfect if you are planning overnight camping or backpacking. However, the issue with these jackets is that they cannot keep you warm for long and are not water repellent. Layering them with an outer shell would prove to be useful. These jackets are actually great for sports like cross-country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and backpacking. So, in case you feel hot, you can just take it off and pack it.