Exploring the vast landscapes and going for the most difficult of the hiking trails is a lot more fun when you have great company to tag along, especially if it’s your pet dog. Going out for such recreational activities with your dog not only improves the bond, but also gives your pet a chance to explore the wilderness and get into some action. However, it is crucial to plan before you head out on any such adventurous outdoor activity to avoid any unforeseen event. My brother who is a professional pet trainer suggested me to follow a few tips before I went for a day-long hiking trail with my pet- ‘Buster’. Take a glance! You might just need it too.

Physical Fitness- Preparing for such a trail is tough. You need to know that just like you, your dog too needs to undergo proper training to stay fit. If your dog is old, overweight, or just an infant (a year old), then taking them along is never a good idea. Not only are they physically weak to survive the harsh conditions but they might even get exhausted and tired easily. Always get your dogs tested before taking them for a trail. Conditioning your dogs is not any different. Once you have them tested, start taking them for smaller walks and eventually try and cover longer distances. This is going to strengthen their paw pads and improve their endurance level. Dogs might pant at times. Give them water and a snack and get going with the trail. Providing them with proper breaks is essential too. Once your dog gets a hang of this, it should get ready for the first hike in just a few weeks.

Training to Be Obedient- After having undergone rigorous physical training, your dog requires to be trained to be obedient. Hiking trails can be dangerous. Make your dog familiar with certain commands. Taking your dog along into the wilderness comes with its own package of risks. Right from the poisonous flora to wild animals, your life and your pet’s life can be in danger if proper training is not given. Remember, if your dog is overly aggressive, then it should not be considered as an ideal candidate for such adventures.

Research- Gathering knowledge about the climatic conditions of the region you wish to go hike is an ideal thing to do. A little research is never a bad thing. Many places have strict norms and regulations concerning dogs. Adhering to the rules is a must to save yourself from any harsh repercussions. Instead, look for trails that are pet-friendly.

Weather- Weather is another factor that can be a major impediment when taking your pet along for hikes. Carrying proper gear for your dog is essential. These might include dog sweaters, dog booties, dog vests, coats, etc. Colder weather conditions are preferable over hotter days. Too much heat can lead to dehydration in canines. This can lead to increased levels of saliva, inflamed mouth, and weakness. In such cases take regular breaks.

Backpack for Your Dog- While packing for your dog, keep in mind few basic contents that are a must to carry. This includes-a leash and a collar with an ID tag, first-aid kit, dog bowl, proper food (consult a veterinary nutritionist), insect repellent, dog booties, towel, poop bags, dog brush, dog coat or vest.

Post-Hike Check- After a fun hiking experience with your pet, a post-hike check-up is mandatory. A thorough check-up for needle-like plants like cacti, foxtails etc., is required. Checking up for fleas, ticks, etc. is necessary. Usually, these trails can crack up your pet’s paw pads. Hence, look for injuries and get your pet treated without any delay.

Create memories with your pet on your next big outdoor adventure.