So you have decided to make walking one of your New Year Resolutions, and you are ready to take your first steps. Here are a few tips and sage pieces of advice for you to help plan so that first trip so that it isn’t the last you undertake.

Remember that you will tire, especially with wearing a backpack, so don’t over reach and start with just a few miles, and gradually build up to longer distances.

Likewise, over estimate on the time you think it will take you to complete the walk, allowing for time to rest and actually enjoy the views you will encounter (as well as a hostelry or two as a treat along the way, or at the end of the walk itself). For example a nice comfortable pace on a flat path will likely mean you will be able to cover up to three miles in an hour, but a tough uphill route will probably slow you down to just about 1 mph.

Never wear cotton garments against the skin. These absorb sweat and once wet they will stay wet, which then cools and makes you feel uncomfortable and prone to feel cold. For the best results you need to be wearing polyester or one of the new synthetic materials, which help to take the sweat away from the body by ‘wicking’, to leave you warm and comfortable. The same is true for cotton socks, as when out hiking these cause the feet to sweat and will rub and then you could be affected by blisters.

Food and Water: Remember to take enough fluids for the walk, depending on the length and conditions this will be between one and three litres. Similarly pack some high-energy food, chocolate, nuts and raisins are a great choice. If you are out for longer it is also worth packing protein rich food as you will need this too.

Last tip for the moment, but by no means the least important, tell someone where you are going, and at what time you expect to be back, especially if you are walking solo

Make sure you follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors, and begin to get healthier at the same time, so why not check out the range of baselayers we have available at the moment, both on the website and in our shop in Macclesfield, from some of the leading brands and all at the best prices.