Running in cold sounds awful. The slippery footing along with icicles gathering in your lashes and of course, the frozen fingers - all together gives you hard time navigating the snowy path while you are running. Not to forget the cold howling winds and the snow rain that adds to the experience, making you all the more miserable when you are heading out for a run. Our body though has various ways to warm up like shivering or shuttling warm blood to the core, it does get colder quickly than it gets warmer. These things make you miserable even with the slightest thoughts of giving winter running a try.

However, as much as these facts are true, they need not be a reality in your case. Approach it in the right way and it is possible to keep the chill at bay and enjoy the slippery and icy run. With the right gear and with a bit of mental and physical preparation, you are good to go for miles even when the wind is howling at your face. Let’s get started with the tips.

Warm-Up before a Run

The set of muscles that are responsible for running is controlled by a chemical reaction. These muscles like the quads, glutes, and others work best when the body temperature is slightly warmer than the usual, 98.6 degrees. So, generating heat through a warm-up before heading out makes you feel less stiff and more into your skin.

At the same time, a bit of warm-up can help you reduce the risk of injuries like pulls and strains. Include small exercises like squats, lunges, donkey kicks to reduce the shock of a sudden run in your body. It also helps to increase your heart rate and make you ready for that run.

Layer up Right

Keep in mind to cover up as much as possible. The base layers should be made with a technical fabric that will wick moisture and must have zippers to vent out air as you heat up. The more you are out in the cold for a run, the more you will understand your preferences. The combination to remember is to save yourself from the biting cold and not to get overheated at the same time. So to ensure that combination while you are out, wear a jacket that is breathable at the back and windproof in the front.

Pair Up with Right Shoes

As much as it is important to keep yourself warm by wearing the right layers, it is also significant to take care of the shoes for they help in regulating the body heat. The running shoes with the least amount of mesh is ideal for running. It will also be a great option to buy shoes that have Gore-Tex uppers. Pair up the shoes with socks that wick away wetness and keep your feet warm. There is nothing more deadening than frigid fingers and toes when you are out running.

Opt for Short Running Intervals

Go for small running loops at first instead of opting for longer distances. Run around your house or in the neighbourhood. This way you will be able to understand how your body is reacting to the cold and if it becomes unbearable, you can quickly come back, given you are running in short loops.

Making It More Enjoyable

Running is a good thing and when you are doing it in winter, it is more beneficial to your body than you think. So, to enjoy your winter running, make sure you keep these things in mind and keep the protective gear handy as well. You might never know when you are going to need them when you are on the road.