Our daily routines and fitness are adversely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. The easy accessibility has been and remains to be the biggest challenge in fitness programmes. Our daily workout schedules have transferred from workout centres to online platforms such as Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and others. Some of these classes are available for free while some are on a subscription basis. The transition from face-to-face classes to online sessions ensures that the physical and mental health advantages of yoga can be experienced by even more citizens.

Different yoga sessions impact people's physical and mental health differently. Dr Parks conducted a study showing how different yoga influences mental well-being and mood. In the analysis, in fitness studios, over 100 semi-experienced yoga practitioners were randomly assigned classes. The participants attended different types of one-hour yoga sessions and answered a survey on their mindfulness, mood, and knowledge of the body. It was concluded so that a balance can be made between some styles of yoga and one's requirements.

So, you must choose your yoga wisely based on your mood and mental health.

Which Yoga to Choose?

Spiritual Yoga

If you are feeling emotionally unstable or have hit the bottom in your life and don’t know what do to, then spiritual yoga is all you need. The poses, known as asanas, as well as the gestures and breathing patterns, are underlined by these lessons. This will help you achieve inner peace and encourage self-transcendence and attentiveness.

Synchronized Movements

We all feel isolated from our friends and family today because of this COVID 19 situation. So, rather than suppressing your feeling, you should get engaged in a yoga class that focuses on synchronized movement. You may practice vinyasa yoga, where you will be able to see other people moving with you, making you feel less alone. It is a part of meditation where you feel more associated by interacting with a familiar community of individuals.

Rigorous Yoga Class

Staying at home will make you feel exhausted and low on energy. Go for rigorous yoga lessons rather than pushing yourself to do cardiovascular exercises. The more challenging and peaceful their gestures are, the less drained you will feel as the class moves forward. This is because your body gets a shot of adrenaline, and your mind becomes alert. As advanced yoga could challenge your yoga abilities, you must be mentally prepared for this yoga.

Restorative Yoga

Life can be chaotic sometimes and you might crave for some mental peace. Restorative yoga will relax your mind because you're concentrating more on your inhalations and exhalations, you can feel more centred, less nervous. Spending quality time concentrating on the inhalations and exhalations has been directly linked to improved well-being, mental balance and optimistic research emotions. You should look for a class with reclined poses, slower movement, extended shavasana and others.


No matter what yoga you choose, the important thing is to be mentally and physically fit. Every yoga has some positive impacts on your body that will definitely help you to maintain your inner peace. It's an excellent fitness regime, particularly when we struggle to meet our fitness demands and people can't get to the fitness centres. Get into the world of harmony with the online yoga classes!