Starting with your day can be hectic, with lots of goals to achieve and loads of demands to meet. Keeping up with a packed schedule requires a lot of energy. A few cups of coffee can be the solution when you are only trying to get high on caffeine. To keep up with a busy day, and ease into it, you need a lot more than just a physical boost, i.e., mental upliftment is also required.

There is nothing better than easing into the day doing yoga. The following morning yoga poses will help you wake up and take on the day rightfully. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know the morning yoga routine for that impactful day ahead.

Child’s Pose

Benefits: It helps to slow the mind and has a calming and relaxing effect on the body. It also opens the hip muscles.

How to Do It: Start this pose by touching your toes with the knees wide out and the fingertips reaching forward. Sink the hips lower on the ground and put your forehead on the mat. Settle into this position perfectly and maybe by swaying your hips side to side or rolling the forehead out until you get the right position. Take three deep breaths- inhale while expanding the lungs fully and exhale by slowly opening your mouth, releasing out everything.

Sun Bird Pose

Benefits: It is highly recommended to activate and strengthen the arms, core, legs, and glutes.

How to Do It: Start with a tabletop position while extending the fingertips of your right hand in the forward position at shoulder level and extending the left toes back. The hips must be in a square position and engage the core. Draw one long line of energy from the fingertips to the toes. Get three rounds of breath. Lengthen your inhale and curl your exhale three times. Get back to the tabletop position and repeat the same with the opposite side.

Cat-Cow Pose

Benefits: Helps in improving posture. It strengthens and warms up the neck and spine.

How to Do It: Start with a tabletop position and place your hands right under the shoulders with knees and hip, a width distance apart. Keep the neck neutral and spread the fingers as wide as possible. As you move into cat/cow position, inhale for the cow position- dip the belly and lift the gaze. On the exhale or cat version, tuck the chin into the chest while tucking the tailbone under. Continue this breathing technique to warm up your spine.

Rabbit Pose

Benefits: Helps in elongating the spine and stretches and opens up the shoulder blades and upper back region.

How to Do It: Draw your knees together from the tabletop position and tuck the chin towards the chest. Bring the crown of your head to the ground so that your forehead touches your knees or as close as possible in a comfortable way. Grab the ankles by bringing the hands behind you. Start by exhaling out and as you inhale, lift your hips while pulling onto your ankles. It will open across the shoulder blades and stretch the spine. Release slowly and roll back to the initial position.

Mental and Physical Benefits

Practicing yoga in the morning does not only help you ease into the day, but doing it regularly helps you maintain your posture and heal injuries or alignment problems. It helps you stay active and achieve mental upliftment no matter the challenges of the day.