One thing we know about the unpredictable summer here in the Great Britain is that bright-sunny days are always followed by untimely rains. After a long, dull and wet winter, it is only fair that I plan to go on a hike with my partner and I had to learn it the hard way. Of course, we made our way through it. Can’t let rain ruin our plans for a fun weekend after all.

The adventurous ones like us, we like the thrill of getting out there, then there are some who can’t leave sight of their telly box. So, whether you take a hike, go on a trail-walk or a hill walk, don’t get afraid if the weather gets dodgy because with the right attitude, all these activities can be equally fun and adventurous just like on a sunny day. Following some of the tips from my own experience might help.

  • Make Yourself Visible

A good hiker or trail-walker knows it is essential to be visible while on your trip. You never know what might happen in bad weather conditions. So, it is only plausible that you wear bright colours that don’t camouflage with your surroundings. Orange, neon colours, ultramarine blue and hot pink are some great choices.

  • Start with the Day-Pack

If you are heading out with a bunch of necessities on your back, its natural that you choose a daypack that comes with a built-in waterproof cover, (or carry one if not). But just to be sure, carry a good old plastic wrap to cover your phone, money and car keys with, just in case.

  • The Great Importance of Covering up

Once you are all set to go on your little adventure, make sure you carry a waterproof coat or jacket to keep you dry and warm, in case the weather turns. It will be helpful to look for a lightweight, breathable material that is easy to carry along all the hiking gear. You don’t want to carry extra baggage now, do you?

  • Boot Up the Right Way

So much for suiting up! Choosing the right boots is everything when you knowingly go out during bad weather or are expecting something of the sort on your trip. So, even if you own the best pair of hiking boots, it is your responsibility to avoid any rain-water entering the boots. It is not fun, trust me. One way is to protect them with gaiters or maybe you can even get a pair of waterproof pants, if you like that.

  • The Wise Choice: Hood or Cap?

No matter how peaked or wired the hood of your coat is, it’s always falling and you would have to keep a hand on it constantly just to keep it in place. One thing I learned from my experience is, wearing a cap is bliss. A good old peaked cap will keep the rain off your face while also holding the hood in its place.

  • You Can’t Hike on an Empty Stomach

You might want to skip it, but don’t. The body needs its energy whenever it can. You might think that it would be weird stopping in the middle of a raining landscape with no shelter but don’t compromise on your health. After all, you want to enjoy your time, not feel miserable at the end of the journey. Carrying dry fruits, nuts, cereal/energy bars, cookies, etc. make fine companions on the go.

So, I guess that’s all that I could share from my experience. But I believe every adventure brings a new experience and a new thing to learn with every experience.